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Unlocked • This is How Xbox Could Win E3 2020

#XboxUnlocked Episode 431 • February 19th 2020 “This week Parris joins us to discuss the latest interview with Phil Spencer about E3 2020, his plans for the Xbox Series X, and where he sees Microsoft in the competition against Sony. In addition to talking about Xbox strategy for 2020 and Beyond, we discuss the GamerTag radio interview and our perception of Xbox's placement in the upcoming console face-off. ——— 1:22 Gamertag Radio Podcast with Parris and his interview with Phil Spencer 3:40 How do feel about r next gen (still a gimmick) 8:13 Xbox Series X launch topics of interest with selling points and price 14:39 Destin's E3 show plan in his own theory 18:44 Xbox Exclusives for next gen - are they coming now? 26:02 Parris with a conspiracy theory on new Xbox IP ideas 30:02 Halo Infinite cannot screw up at launch 35:04 Kingdom Hearts on Xbox price gouging? 36:50 Project XCloud for iOS 39:12 Balder's Gate 3 at Pax East” Link: https://youtu.be/a4Vg910wJ6M

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