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Feb 17, 2020, 06:47 AM 7 read

Everything I've Done

As nearly everyone is doing this, I have decided to say everything I have ever done over the years while trying to keep it as PG as possible.

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*Flown on a plane to Colorado* *Busted my head open* *Dislocated both shoulders* *Been in a long distance relationship* *Had a dog (who was named Wishbone* *Went paintballing* *Drove an ATV* *Driven a car* *Gotten jumped* *Broke my hand* *Ran in a marathon for charity* *Gotten a sextuplet in Overwatch* *Went 49-1 in Uncharted 2 thanks to my step brother killing me* *Won a championship in baseball* And last but not least... *Did things in an alleyway and movie theater* I was a bad boy in my youth 😂

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