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Killing a Franchise: Medal of Honor

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The Medal of Honor franchise was like no other. Started off as an idea by Steven Spielberg (yes, THAT Steven Spielberg) to be an entertaining and educational experience about life at war, it quickly became one of the most popular fps games at the time; receiving a good reception by critics and resulting in multiple sequels and spinoffs for various consoles.   So what went wrong? Greed and desperation. EA tried to reboot the series too quickly in order to improve profits. The decline started in 2010, with the game simply titled "Medal of Honor". Although praised for its action packed multiplayer developed by DICE, critics couldn't help but notice that the game was loaded with bugs, framerate issues and shoddy texture work. The single-player campaign was short and not at all memorable, leading fans of the story to quickly abandon the game rather quickly. Overall though, the game was generally seen as average. The sequel "Medal of Honor: Warfighter" was where the real problems started. After only one and a half years of development, the game was a shitshow, and critics said as much. Criticised for poor AI, textures, glitches and a terrible storyline, the game was a commercial failure, leading many to question the future of the series.   Where are we now? After 8 years of silence, we can now say- Wait a minute... EA haven't given up? After 8 years of silence, late last year EA announced that Medal of Honor would be getting another game, this time developed by Respawn Entertainment, known for Titanfall and the new Star Wars: Fallen Order. This isn't technically a fully fledged game in the franchise though, as the game is VR exclusive, titled "Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond", and will be released THIS YEAR for Oculus Rift. The game will supposedly feature a 10hr campaign and a multiplayer mode.   Other than that, the game shows no sign of a real comeback, with Danger Close Games (the developers of the franchise) being shut down in 2013, and the main focus now being on DICE's Battlefield and Battlefront franchises; but don't be surprised if EA pull another rabbit out of the hat.    

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  • Yehyu LV.13 Chief Feb 16, 2020, 07:54 AM

    they were fun
    the combat got old And stale fast. cod killed em