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My Weird Life P1: Im divergent!?

So when i sleep i never get nightmares. You wanna know why? well i am divergent! when i start to have a nightmare i remember that i am unkillable, indestructible, and a complete JUGGERNAUT. If someone points a gun at me i say go ahead shoot me i dare you and they never do, if something is chasing me i stop running amd they disappear, if i am falling i think to myself where I want to go it that i want to fly and i stop falling, and if im in a war or someone is trying to go kill someone that is hostile i make sure they let me go into the fire because im not able to die and they let me and if someone starts talking about me being there in the future i tell them i wont be there long enough because im dreaming ok so i know this sounds weird but its how i stop getting nightmares

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