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Happy Birthday DoubleM ‼️🥳⛽️〽️〽️

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Off Topic: General - Happy Birthday DoubleM ‼️🥳⛽️〽️〽️ image 2

Can’t believe it’s been a year already ! I remember when I first created DoubleM - it wasn’t too long after I joined Moot. I was new to the community and didn’t know anyone while no one knew me which was weird to me. Not to say that I am the most well known person everywhere but usually I have a presence where ever I am so that was my focus. I seen a fresh new platform to build upon and I did so with no hesitation. Along with the help of My Boy J Wiggs I started planning out how I could make a name for myself while still contributing to the community. A few days later DoubleM was born - well at the time it was known as MootMafia until the early May of this year. Since then I haven’t looked back and made it my priority to build A Conglomerate Community that would represent my ideology of how we should all connect and live amongst each other. I’ve placed DoubleM within my own brand , The SixFour Union , and have also carried over principals from there as well. DoubleM is more than just “ a group “ - we are a team , we are a family. One inevitable thing about family though is that they have their fights , disagreements and such but at the end of the day all is well. Personally I am not a fan of strict rules and regulations so I’ve been pretty lenient in terms of restrictions regarding DoubleM and this has allowed for various opinions to be created about DoubleM and to put it frankly : I don’t give a fuck. I was raised to treat all with respect while ensuring you receive respect back , I am a well rounded person but I’m not afraid to fight fire with fire so my Organization reflects that same energy. Anyone who looks past my abrasive exterior can see I am much more than what people make me out to be and the same goes for DoubleM. DoubleM has had it’s fair share of conflict and complications I admit that without a doubt but I make sure that every day it will one day become a super perfect version of itself. Everyday I grind closer to my goal of creating a dream environment. For now DoubleM has a small presence but this is only the begin , mark my words. That’s on SixFour , 𝘽𝙡𝙚𝙨𝙨. 🛐

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