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i dont think this has been done before but i used to do this all the time on MovieStarPlanet lmaooo, but yeah, ill keep editing this post with the facts (: im doing this because i feel detached from the new peeps on Moot, n i want u to feel like u can speak to me, bc i like meeting new people (: 1.) my name is Lauren 2.) i am 18 years old 3.) i am a grill 4.) i fucking love cats 5.) i live in England (: UKFORDABOIS (; 6.) i love on a farm, we have cows and sheep and a few chickens 7.) i have two brothers called Daniel and Nathan and i am the middle child. 8.) my fav food is pasta 9.) my fav games are Overwatch, R6S, Fortnite and Minecraft. 10.) i am currently in a mid life crisis... idk probably. 11.) my fav youtuber is called TeosGame, watch him. 12.) i have a social life (; upthesesh 13.) my fav alcoholic drink is ‘sex on the beach’ 14.) i want to travel the world 15.) i am 1/4 norwegian (: 16.) i have strong possibly questionable political views (uk) 17 [for the downvoter (;] my humour is very wide, i find almost everything funny. 18.) i am extremely poor, buy my onlyfans.... jokes... unless? 19.) i have a girlfriend, her name is Sophie, she does not play games or dance. {also not rlly my girlf} 20.) i prefer xbox over ps4, simply bc of the community, i make so many more e-friends on xbox (plus the controller fits perfect in my hands) 21.) i am northern english, kinda near newcastle. 22.) i have quite a big family and we throw the best parties 23.) i can drive, i have a shit little corsa, its so bad and falling to pieces but atleast it works 24.) my favourite colour is red, however i love any neon colours and grey too! 25.) i have blonde/silver hair, and i keep trying to dye it pink or purple but it doesnt work ): 26.) i am not very smart, like i am the typical ‘dumb blonde’ but i have knowledge in some areas (: 27.) i love everything fluffy 28.) id consider myself a ‘lad’ if ygm, bc i can take banter 29.) i used to be v socially awkward, however its getting better so yay, go me (: 30.) i have 2 cats called Milo and Susie 31.) i have 2 dogs called Finn and Tilly 32.) i can paint mediocrely, but i havent done any work for ab 3 yrs 33.) i have waaaay more boyfriends than girlfriends 34.) i have only loved one boy like *that* 35.) i really like anything made out of potatoes 36.) i only started playing minecraft this year 37.) i had a pet sheep but it died ): rip miracle 38.) i dropped out of college and got an apprenticeship instead 39.) i was addicted to the sims at one point.... 40.) i was also addicted to MovieStarPlanet at one point.... 41.) i played fn since szn 2 and i used to be good when everyone else was noobz, now i am noob 42.) ive played overwatch since szn 2 aswell and the highest ive been was like 2700sr 43.) so in conclusion, i am really bad at games. 44.) this post has made me realise im really not very interesting. 45.) i have like 150+hrs of mercy on both accounts Dx 46.) i get triggered every time someone downvotes 47.) i only just learnt that ‘every time’ is not one word, tffff 48.) i wear glasses to see the TV, or drive or just see anything clearly thats further away than like 2 metres ): 49.) my fav skins on fn are ‘whiplash’ and ‘aura’ 50.) i have a lot of bestfriends and friends, idk how bc im annoying af 51.) i rlly love nachos 52.) i love scarlxrd, lil peep, ski mask. 53.) i dont have one type of music, literally listen to grime, techno, dnb, english indie, pop, punk etcccc gimmie anything aslong as i can dance or scream to it (: 54.) i like flowers 55.) i like makeup 56.) i love pizza 57.) i want to move to sweden 58.) i dont tell people how im feeling 59.) i love my mam and dad unconditionally 60.) my grandparents are reallly fucking cool 61.) i think i have commitment issues 62.) i have been working since 13 yo, ive had 2 jobs 63.) art was my fav subject in school 64.) ict was my most hated, bc the teacher was a c u next tuesday. 65.) i donwloaded tinder lol 66.) i made bobslee’s banner. (s/o to the guys who actually read them all xx)

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