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Oct 4, 2019, 09:50 AM 622 read

Disgraceful 😂

After actually scrolling through the Off-Topic Lounge I’ve never been seen such an unappealing set of threads in my life. Folks really out here making themselves depressed and all that. Forgive me for not being able to relate but it seem like bair frail antics to me , ya too dramatic. I go through all kind of nonsense that make ya problems look like nothing but do you ever see me making them lame ass posts ? If I told you half my life story compared to yours you’d see how dumb you look FrFr. The fact that you can even pick up your phone with internet and type your sad ass post makes your life 100x better than 64% of the fucking human population. Suck it up and keep pushing. Stop looking for pity and ruining the Moot experience , deadass. The suicide shit gotta stop , it’s dumb. Suicide is literally the worst case scenario to any situation like use ya brain.

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