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Oct 3, 2019, 11:56 PM 865 read

Im unbanned and here's what I got to say....

I'm unbanned from my third bann given to me since I started moot can't wait for the next one. I got many things to talk about especially what I've been seeing since my bann. First of all I see many posts expressing that moot is either dieing or it wasn't like it was before. Those who made posts like that take this🖕 the pussys that made posts like that are the ones causing the problems. The only problem I see on moot is lack of content and self content. People on here over post make like 10 posts a day saying random shit. Other thing are the gm/gn posts and the depression posts. For those who make gm/gn posts sorry to tell you this but only reason you make posts like that is to fill up the gap because lack of ideas. You don't know what the fuck to post so you fill it up with a goodmorning post and a goodnight post. Another big ass issue is the lack of self content. Plus people come to this app to talk about games and enjoy chats not come to see depression. If your depressed go talk to your pets or your friends because nobody gives a fat fuck. Depression makes the environment feel like shit and that's what's going on. And for those who threaten to leave moot let them leave moot because they are hungry for attention. If someone wants to leave moot then let them leave moot fuck them. Worst thing on here are the clubs. The clubs are garbage, unorganized, and the leaders of them are ass as well. The club members either imitate or dick suck each other so much they make same posts daily and try creating a disgusting trend. The only club/group I have respect for Is honestly "In 64 we trust". The members in that club stick to their own shit, not worry about anyone else, and I've met a number of them and they are all chill af. They don't fucking copy each other on every post or have these disgusting anime pics on their posts and they don't make depression shit. If you didn't like anything or didn't agree shove this🖕 in your ass. For those who agree know it's straight up facts🔥

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