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Quick lil update + goodmorning!

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[Cursed Image Post #1 ] Goodmorning, ok now that that's out of the way lol... How are u guys? I really want to know, tell me in the comments! Let's do part two of this small trend started by KoH.. I've picked a random number between 1 and 30. If you guess the number, you will earn a shoutout...however. you will ONLY get one guess. Goodluck! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, update time. I've been moving! It's kinda cool. Yall have no idea what I've been doing but it was just that. Yeah. I've been moving. We are no where near done with this big task so dont expect me to be any less by busy. We have a lot to do, not just move boxes. Maybe one day I'll tell the full story, probably not tho. Ok, another thing is the streaming thing. I doubt I'll be able to start ad so ok n as I wanted, so itll probably at least be another month. Maybe I'll start around my birthday, who knows... ---___---___---___---___--- Ok, also, quick shoutout to my new friend SrMittenz!! They are super rad, so go drop them a follow! Thanks! Ok bye for now guys, have a good morning!!

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