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A Little About Me

Well hello people of Moot. I would like to formally introduce myself in this post. To begin with I will start with my origin story in my life and how I came about to playing video games. I grew up listening to old music and being a part of a military family. My dad was a single dad and taught us a lot about how to take care of ourselves, he taught me and my 1 brother that was with me at the time how to make the basics. We learned how to make Pasta, Hotdogs, Mac&Cheese, pretty much anything that is a basic meal. One year we got an Xbox360 for Easter. The brand new Xbox 360 Elite, this started my path on gaming. At the time I let the Xbox Live autochoose my online gamertag. I was known has TrophicOyster## (I forgot the 2 numbers). At the age of 16 I got my 1st touch phone. An IPhone, and I started playing games like Clash Royale and Boom Beach. By this time my online name was known as Bravo398 (after my birthday, which is 2/3/98) and since in the military the saying is Alpha, Bravo... my brother chose to use Bravo398. After a little longer I got a laptop and started playing League of Legends. By this time I have discovered my final gaming name, the one I am known by today, Snyper Eyes. I took the trip through other names such as AirForceBrat, OscarBravo, etc... but Snyper Eyes was the main one that kept coming back to me as something I want to keep, and so I did. The name Oscar came from my old puppy, who sadly passed away at the age of 2. That was by far the worst day of my life. A few months later we got a new dog and named him Sir Chester Copperpot (after the monster thing from the movie Goonies). He was born on July 21st, 2016, my puppy also passed away on July 21st, 2016... and that was also the same day my stepbrother had chest surgery so he could join the Navy. As you can probably tell, I will never forget this day. Now fast forward a bit..... My dad gets remarried and my stepmom notices something not right, she gets me to a doctor and within the span of maybe a few months to no longer than a year... I was diagnosed with a stomach disease. This changed my life completely. The treatment my doctors put me on required me to spend 4-5 hours in the hospital every 8 weeks to get my treatments. As a result of this I have quit drinking Soda, going on 3 years now. Now lets Fast Forward to more recently... May of 2018, after being in & out of the hospital multiple times over the past 7 months (October 2017 - May 2018) for stomach & chest pains they finally found a new problem. This new problem is I passed a gallstone and it got stuck, causing me to have Pancreatitis, which is inflammation of the pancreas. I was in the hospital for about a week before they could perform surgery, I was only given water to drink while being put on fluids to help give me the nutrients I needed. Once my pancreas healed they prepped me for surgery and away I was, I had my gallbladder removed. I was released from the hospital the same day of my surgery, and upon returning home I was in so much pain I ended up missing my college classes. Once the pain started to go away my stepbrothers were playing Fortnite. At first I was reluctant and didnt want to play it but after a week or 2 I tried it out on the Xbox 1. By this time my brothers were gone and in the military and I was home with my stepbrothers and my dad & stepmom. After about a month we got my brothers ps4 and I started playing Fortnite on there, creating my account as it is today, SnyperEyes2018. Ever since I started playing Fortnite (back in Season 3) I was looking for ways to improve at the game. I started watching youtubers who played fortnite and came to liking Muselks challenge videos. 1 of those videos was sponsored by Moot, resulting in my journey onto Moot. Now to the present, After 8 months of being on Moot I have finally found the group I seemed to be missing in my life. I found my topic to post on moot about and I found the friends I would love to meet IRL face-to-face someday. Joining (at the time) Moot Mafia was probably the best decision I could've ever made. Renamed to Mystic Mafia and then again to becoming a larger group called DoubleM, Spitfire took me under his wing, he put a lot of trust into me with helping him out on his discord server. I was his 2nd official mod and I have been a mod for the DoubleM discord pretty much since I joined it. Through Spitfire I have met a lot of wonderful people, including QueenMari, Xdas Alpha, Wardogs, JellyBean, KniFez, Shalltear, Bozo, GodAtPubg, & Carti... thats just to name a few off the top of my head. But look out for a later post because I will be doing an appreciation post including everyone I could possibly think of who I have come into contact with and bonded with here on Moot. Thank you for the 600+ followers here on Moot, I am looking forward to meeting more people as time goes by. If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to drop a comment down below. -Snyper #_Snyper.64 #MM #DoubleM #AboutSnyper

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    I not wonderful people 😞🤕 jk
    Ly snyper

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    wait till my appreciation post comes out... it gonna be filled so I may have to do it in series

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    Oh Ok

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