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Hide & Seek | A Short Story | Eventt

Hey there, here is a little short story I made and I decided to share this one, so have fun. This one is a little spooky but you shouldn't really get scared because it isn't very spOoKy.   Feel free to leave some ideas for more short stories that you would like to see, any feedback that will help me, and anything else that you feel is necessary! Thank you for coming here and I hope you enjoy this and I don't waste your time! :o)     9/13/02 - 72 Degrees Fahrenheit - Tuesday - 8:45 p.m. It was an exciting night. I was just sitting there watching the television with my sisters doing whatever they do in their rooms but it was my 11th birthday and I was expecting one of my best friends to show up to my house any second for a sleep over. It was 8:45 and I was getting a little tired and I started drifting off when all of a sudden I hear a knock on the door that jolts me awake. I excitedly run over to the door thinking it was my best friend, Henry. I open the door without hesitation and I see a strange man that I didn't recognize. He was wearing an expensive looking business suit and he had a thick and neatly trimmed beard with slcik, combed back hair. I say, "Hey, do you work with my parents?", as people tend to come over with work relations often. He doesn't reply and just stares at me. I nervously repeat, "Do you work with my parents? Do you need help with something?". He just stood there for a few more seconds and then he just simply walks away. I told my sisters about the man because my parents were out picking something out for me which they said was a 'surprise' but my sisters did not believe me and told me to stop joking around. I tried to explain that it wasn't a joke and asked if they heard him knocking at the door but they said they didn't hear anything because I was simply just joking around. I hear a knock and then I glare at my sisters, "I bet it is the man again. If you don't belive me you can come and look at him for yourselves!" I walk to the door with my sisters following and since my oldest sister, Amy, was 17 and she was in charge she told me and Bella, my other sister who is 15, to go to the dining room and make sure everything is cleaned up from my actual birthday party. I heard Amy say, "Oh hey Henry. Jack just went to the dining area." Henry replied, "Oh thanks Amy. You are looking good tonight as well. Are you going somewhere?" Amy was going out to visit a friend she hasn't seen in awhile and she dressed up all nice. I didn't hear her reply to Henry because Bella was being loud with all the extra plates and then I asked her if I could go and hangout with Henry and she allowed me to do so. I ran over to Henry and said "Hey man, what's up! You are late, it's almost 9:30!!". He explains at how he got stuck helping his sister because she was sick. I lead him upstairs to my bedroom where we play some games & watch a movie and by time we are done it is almost 11:00 pm and I was a little bored and he suggested we should go play Hide & Seek because we both enjoyed that game because my sisters loved to play as well. We went downstairs to ask Amy & Bella and Bella agreed but Amy had her friend over at the house already and I saw the same man I had seen at the door but I just shrugged it off because it wasn't anything concering, it was just a little weird. Me, Henry, and Bella played for a little bit while Amy went out for icecream with the man which I later found out he was only 18 and his name was Josh. When Amy and Josh came home they reluctantly agreed to play with us just for a little bit. It was almost midnight but we planned on staying up all night because my parents had texted us and said they couldn't come home due to bad weather which it had started to storm outside, so it was reasonable. While we were playing, we decided Josh would be it. When we all went to hide and he shouted, "Ready or Not.. HERE I COME!". Almost immediately after he shouted that the lights went out but we normally have the lights out when we play anyways so it wasn't a big issue. I heard Bella whispering and I could make out a few words every now and then, "No please..... Wait..... Don't.......Please........ What?......... Please....... Stop......" I couldn't hear anymore but I could have sworn I heard something drop to the floor. I was unsure what to think because Bella loved to scare me and I assumed she was me hide and tried to scare me but I wasn't sure. I stayed hiding in the closet where I was and then I heard Henry shout, "HELP, HELP. PLEASE HELP. HE HAS ME, HELP!", At this moment I was extremely confused. I heard slow footsteps coming straight towards me so I buried myself deeper into the piles of clothes I was hiding under. I hear the person open the door and sit right next to the pile of clothing. I heard the person gently sobbing saying, "This isn't happening.. Oh my god." I recognize Amy and come out and ask her what is happening and why she was crying. She puts her hand over my mouth and whispers to me, "Be quite. Follow me and I will explain." She leads me up to the attic and she locks the attic door and then turns on a lamp. She starts to whisper to em saying, "Listen to me Jack. Josh.. he has gone mad or something but he grabbed a huge knife and stabbed Bella.. she is okay but I don't know about Henry.." It was a lot to understand and I was thinking she was joking with me but I look her in the eye's and she says, "I am not joking Jack. This is serious." Her tone of voice was serious and I was starting to get a little freaked out. I started to say, "But I thought he was your friend and how did-", I was interrupted by attic door rattling. Chills start to run down my spine and me and Amy slowly start crawling towards the window of the attic and she opens it but it was pretty loud and Josh started banging on the door and trying to get in but we had to either jump or get killed. It was a 2 story house so it was pretty high up but Amy jumped and I jumped right after her without thinking. She landed on her arm and I landed next to her. I was fine and I didn't get hurt but my ankle hurt just a little bit, but Amy explained in cries of pain, "I think I broke my arm." I said, "Suck it up and let's get out of here before you die and you won't be able to even see your arm again." We start running towards the local police station and they thought we were joking but they saw Amy and immeditely sent a bunch of officers to the house. I don't remember anything after that other then they took me and Amy to the hospital. I remember Amy waking me up in the hospital while I was asleep and she said, "Bella.. Bella is.. uh, well she got extremely injured because Josh stabbed her 4 times in each leg and one time in her shoulder.. but I am pretty sure she is alright. Henry on the other hand.. he didn't make it." I burst out into tears because I had known know him since I was 3 years old and he was my best friend. Then I just blacked out and I can't remember anything else from there on. That was a few years ago and I am know healthy. My sister's Amy & Bella are healthy and we have an extremely big bond. Bella was in the hospital for 5 months but she recovered. We researched a bunch of news articles regarding the event and we cringed every time we read one and we found out that Josh aka Joshua Haul was sentenced do 59 years in jail for 2nd degree murder, 2x attempt murder, stalking, and home invasion. Tomorrow is my 17th birthday. I think I will stick with just having family members in the house for my birthday.   THE END     Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed and if you like the story make sure you follow me! This was created by Eventt with no contribution from anyone/anything.

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    I fixed all of the spelling errors but there might be grammar errors, so my apologies on that but other then that I hope you appreciated me wasting your time, lol. :o)

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    What If this was the original Stranger things Plot.

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    then I would be a millionaire for working with the people who run the show, lol

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    But What If they Ripped you off

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    then I would create a lawsuit and sue :)

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