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SSC Submission - Eventt

#ShortStoryContest. #ShortStoryContest Here is my short story submission and I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for any grammar/spelling errors. I attempted to fix them all but yeah.         June 14th, 2004 It was an unusually chilly evening when I came home from my work shift. I contacted a close friend of mine to stay for the night and he agreed to come over. We both were only 15 at the time and my parents were not going to be home until midnight. He had brought over some video games to pass the time. After a few hours of playing videogames I asked him, "Want to go explore an abandoned building?". He seemed excited about it because we both were interested in the history behind the building. We both decided it would be best to go in the morning. Before we went to sleep, we decided it would be best if we researched the abandoned building a little bit more. I found an article talking about the building and all the crazy events that had happened awhile ago. One thing that happened caught both of our eyes. It was a little surprising. We read on.. "On June 14th 4 kids go missing. The law enforcement officers go searching, and they come across the building. One of the officers saw the dead bodies of the kids and they went in to investigate. They found fingerprints that tracked to a man named, "Mark Hauglin." The man was 28 at the time of the kidnapping and murders. The law enforcement officers never did find the man. What they did find however was a costume that had a very unusual looking mask and a dark cloak along with it. They also found a bag that had 2 guns and 5 knives. All of the knives were 12 inch machetes. The guns were an AK-47 with a silenced muffle and a Glock-9 with an illegal muffler. As we were sleeping, I heard a loud noise outside unsure if I had just dreamed it or not. "D-Did you hear that?" stammered Jack. At that moment I realized what I had heard was real because Jack had heard it as well. I slowly replied, "Yeah.. I heard it." We both were a little worried but as we went to go back to sleep I told him, "It kind of sounded like a gunshot and since we have a forest behind the house, it might just be some hunter." Although, I knew this wasn't true because nobody is allowed to hunt there but it seemed to at least comfort him to where he wasn't panicking as much. We both managed to fall back asleep but just as I feel asleep I heard a rattling noise near the front door. I immediately wake Jack up and tell him about what I heard. Only seconds later we hear the doorknob violently shake and the door creaks open. I told him, "Follow me, I know where we can go!" Just before we leave he grabs one of my baseball bats that were sitting next to my door. We immediately ran to one of the storage units in our house and lock the door. I try to turn the light on but Jack insisted that I shouldn't. We are silently sitting there hoping whoever broke open the door will just do what they need to and leave but the door we were hiding behind rattled and we knew someone was trying to get in. We hear another loud noise which we now know is a gunshot. This made both of us start freaking out and Jack grabbed his bat to get ready to try and fight the intruder but I silently motion upwards where there is a vent. By now, the intruder is trying to break down the door with the gun and he is shooting it and creating a hole in it. I hesitate for a second and I get a good look of him. He was wearing complete black with some sort of clown mask. He had a cloak/robe that was also black on. It was very weird dressing. I immediately remembered the articles we read and his description matched exactly what the article had sad. I looked at Jack, and the look in his eyes told me that he remembers the man as well. Then, Jack picks me up before I even realize what he was doing but he was lifting me up to the vent. I take the vent cover off as fast as I can but I have a little trouble with the lid because it was nailed on and it was a little heavy but when I finally get the lid off he lifts me up into the vent and I crawl into it. It was extremely dark inside, using the very little light coming from out of the vent opening. I start trying to pull him up but I am not a very strong guy and we almost have him all the way in when the guy shoots his gun and the bullet flies through the vent hitting me in the lower leg. Jack stumbled back in fear and schock and the man grabbed his legs and started to carry Jack away from the house. I am in a bunch of pain but I hop out of the vent and start trying to chase after the man but there isn't very much I could do with an injured leg. It was getting super dark and the only way I could keep after the man was with Jack screaming. I follow him into the exact sime building that me and Jack planned to go visit and I thought to myself, "Oh hell, this is the guy that killed all those children a few years ago." I keep persuing the man in hope of getting Jack back because he was one of my greatest friends. At this point, I am bleesing a lot from the wound and I think I might black out but I continue to go. I see him dragging Jack into a back room of the building but as soon as I reach the parking lot I black out.     July 21st, 2004.   Hello, this is Samantha Crews with the CNNJ News Department and we are here with a breaking story. 15 year old Jack Williams is found hanging in a closet at an abandoned building. Police say he was kidnapped and killed. Police have also claimed that they found another 15 year old boy in the parking lot with a bullet in his right leg and 2 bullets found inside his head. The killer still remains unknown but detectives and police say they have a suspect that was fleeing the scene. Authorities are looking at witnesses descriptions and comparing them from an article on a child killer & kidnapper named "Mark Hauglin". Once again, this is Samantha Crews with the CNNJ News Department and we hope you enjoyed our news cast. Have a fun and fantastic day, but be careful as this man is still on the loose but tune in next time for more news!

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    nice story i guess

    it was um.......... Scary in some parts lol

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    Thank you. It's the only thing I find peaceful is to write stories.