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This is my story for #ShortStoryContest

SO welcome to my story this is based on R6 outbreak but a different story   So August 6th 2025 A team of rainbow member set out to new mexico to look at and possibly destroy a weird looking bee hive. Little did they know it was the start of a long bad night. When they arrived the whole city was deserted with bodies in the streets and weird looking Tentacle thing holding the building like they were a soda can.The team consisted of Vigil Ela Thermite and Jackal. As Vigil was about to check out the tentacle thing suddenly a zombie like thing appeared Scared Vigil dashed for cover behind the wall and peeked round to see Thermite and Ela emptying mag after mags into this horde of zombie like things.   *30 Mins later.*   As they reach the outskirts of the city they find an abandoned military research base called FOB Specter. As our heros enter the base suddenly a loud *CLICK* and a grenade is dropped right between them as they all dive away Thermite unfortunately was killed in the blast (3 operators remains).Jackal then proceds to scan human footprints but is unsuccessful in finding were they are.As night rolls in they set up camp int the barracks while 2 sleep 1 guards. The next morning they head deeper into this hell hole of a base and then bingo they found an elevator as Vigil went to press the button a horde of zombies came out of no were. But then if saved by the lord himself An Apache helicopter arrived and chopped down the hoard like Scissors to paper as they finish to repair the elevator the Apache has to leave to re-fuel and re-arm. There on there own now. As they head into the research centre they are met with blood and guts from dead researchers after spending 30 mins looking for this needle thing they find it empty but then *THUMP*THUMP* Jackal said.''This is definetly not good.'' As they turn around slowly they find a Smasher and they are speechless as the Smasher charges at them they quickly dive any and start to spray the smasher in alot of bullets they manage to Kill the smasher but not with Ela sustaining serious injuries After killing the smasher and retreving the empty Vial of the virus they head topside for evac   (Jager) I'll be 20 minutes from your location *Bzzk*   Just then a mega horde of zombies come out of the base.Out of Ammo our heros scramble to high ground. A plane could be heard overhead then an ammo crate   With there ammo refilled the 4 heros begin to mow down the horde just as the rest die jager appears to pick them up on the helicopter they look at the freak show down below and them *BOOM*   Part 2 tommorow bye    

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