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Pet peeves of society #1

Ok so my last post wouldn't work so in making this short 🚫Racism🚫: first of all I'm going to address all of you that are racist you are no better than what you THINK the AAs are (African Americans) Next is that the AAs who tell ppl they are racist because they don't like the fact that they are in the wrong you need to man up (I'm being equal here since woman was created out of mans rib and are equal and you dont have to put man and woman everytime to confirm that but I'll do a other post about that some other time) and take the insults , corrections, criticism, etc. And shake it off not pull the race card just because you cant handle that Next is when ppl use the n word whether black or white it's wrong heres why You are saying to a white if you are AA and use the N word that it's only wrong if you use it and that my friends is comp racist Moot I'm going at this without taking sides I'm just stating an opinion and exercising my freedom of speech so please dont take this the wrong way👍😅👌

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