Rue Rue verified Founder
Jun 28, 2019, 12:13 AM 2,431 read

Dear Off Topic

Let's make this short and sweet:   You are not outside the content policy, so go read it.

While we are lenient at times to allow for open and free-flowing discussion, it is NOT OKAY to:   1. Post images of self harm, incite violence regardless of whether it is of yourself or others, make threats towards others   2. Post or request explicit content, personal information   3. Bigotry and harassment, and witch-hunting     Post removals and bans are being issued and the content of which you post is on you; familiarizing yourself with what is and is not allowed will help you refrain from doing it in the first place.   Remember: YOU CAN REPORT POSTS, COMMENTS, DMS, AND USERS. Report anything that goes against our content policy or you feel needs addressing. You can also message Mods of Off Topic, and myself - though I emphasize the reporting feature - it is the best first step.   As a community, lately many of you are taking it way too far. You need to relax. For the sake of yourself, your fellow Mooties, and Moot.  


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