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May 9, 2019, 09:06 PM 894 read

Monthly Poem #1

#Poettime Hey! I spent quite some time making this and another poem,im going to try to do poems over different types of emotions and situations. Maybe you could recommend something.? If you want. Anyways, this poem is about my time before I went to this app and how I felt. I do tend to get emotional when I write these but that's because I'm a pretty sensitive person and that just means that what I'm writing down is what I'm feeling. This was mainly to relieve some stress and I wasn't planning on posting this one but I might as well. I love you all! Your the best! I hope you enjoy the 1st poem of this series. =================== Broken Canvas --As I sit and stare,slumped in my chair,dozing and staring into my own thoughts. I think of my past life and what I did wrong and right,how it's lead me to here and now. ----- I frown and feel down,feeling alone with no one I see people talking and joking,having fun and laughing. But no token for the one who sits hopeless with no emotion,broken.. ----- Maybe it's just a frame of mind I'm mining away from my mind at the time, I sit here crying feeling like I'm dying inside, while there is no one to help refine this sad time of mine. ----- The best way for me to stop this nonsense is to forget and province. Find people to talk to and remove this sadness,hoping to free my mind from the things in my past tense. Find people to help paint my life picture, Find people to call my friends. ----- And I'm glad I did because if I didn't I wouldn't be here right now. I wouldn't be here writing these stanzas,When I say this,I avow. I would be abode in my room,as a broken canvas, --All alone

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