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ME:(laying in bed) get a random message from my friend asking why questions FRIEND: why do letters mean what they mean who made that up ME: umm you okay high again? FRIEND: why do humans feel the need to socialize when you already have friends why do always look for new ones? ME: answer the question 10min pass ME: you there 30min pass 1 hour later 12hours later Friend: I passed out on my bed sorry if you get high get high responsibly don’t make your friend question life the world all of experience #mootmafia #Leo64 Please only use Marijuana if it is legal where you are from, you are legal age to use it and in moderation. If you feel you need help with an addiction please click the link below.

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  • MerK LV.29 Made in America Apr 13, 2019, 12:28 PM

    Honestly Sometimes I wish I could light up but it's not legal to buy in arizon, It's only medical. So staying up for 3 days is really as close as I can get.