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Team Sonic Racing

For all my Sonic fans out there, let's try to get Team Sonic Racing on Moot!

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Almost there!!!

I’m 10 away from 200!!!

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Meme #1

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What should I post???


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Save the Rainforest

Amazon burning: Forest fires on the rise at record rate, space agency warns | World News | Sky News

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My collection :/

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He’s two from 160 😱

can we make it happen mooties(メ`ロ´)/ ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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Kojima Productions Store

The store is open for you Death Stranding fans. Will also post in Death Stranding group

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No blog and/or vlog post today

Probably going to not continue them tbh. Not enough people, at least to me, are reading them. So, yeah

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Boom badda bomp boomp POW

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Good morning gamers! How did you sleep last night?
Here’s the question of the day. How many siblings do you have?

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No work for a week starting this Friday

Here’s what I’ll be doing in gifs:

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Garlic Bread Meme


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POPULAR Your Daily Dose of Positivity

Good Morning Everyone! Let’s start the day off right with another installment of the DDoP!

“Fear does not have any special power unless you empower it by submitting to it.” - Les Brown

Today I want you to face your fears head on. Stand up to what scares you and conquer it like the warrior you are. You have greatness in you whether you know it or not, and are capable of anything you put your mind to.

Go forward today like a champion. Be positive, and be kind. Have a great day everyone.

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Goodmorning everyone hope you slept well and have an amazing day
Daily question, what's your favorite fruit

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Can you do me a favor?

I want you to take a second out of your day and downvote this post, let's try to get the record for most downvotes on a single post in Moot history

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POPULAR Guess who pre-ordered NFS Heat

So because I pre-ordered it, I get it 3 days earlier and I plan to stream it. It doesn’t come out until Nov. 5th (8 for non pre-orders), só we have have to wait for about a month and a half, but I’m super hyped for the game and it looks amazing 😁 btw Good morning

As always love you all and be positive 😁❤️

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Me Acting Like A Jerk On Moot 😂

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We are almost at 10 followers

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Good Morning!

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Which is better?


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If u follow me I’ll follow u

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Who Done It? Murder Mystery!Who killed the sailor?

sorry last one today!!

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The reason I don't post some days,Is because I don't get to be on my phone often at home.

Question of the day(Poll)

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Thxs For 40 Followers

Thanks For 40 Help Me Get To 50 #roadto50 and Remember Stay Positive 🐶

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Good morning

Good morning everyone my throat still hurts and I have a headache hoping one of them leaves cause I feel like crap I’m still going to school tho so I might leave early if it doesn’t leave so what are you doing today Nøkk out.

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Who Done It? Part 3: How did the detective know? and who was it?

the last one was too easy for you guys i see so i step it up a notch!


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