Sock reveal requested by wispy

And the only submission

LV.12 Chief 8m

Yay i hit my follower milestone

Well i forgot to post about it but we all make mistakes right im at 35 but gonna start accepting the requests

LV.12 Chief 10m

Good night

Long day today hope all of yours went well 👍🤗

LV.17 Creeper 13m

Sorry i missed a day of posting

Well i lost my streak again but don’t matter its just a streak well i fell asleep sorry guys hope you all understand

LV.12 Chief 17m

Questions remastered #6 do you have any post suggestions

Well its not a question but at the same time it is but what should i make as a creator on moot

LV.12 Chief 20m

hey i got pc add me

i borowed a laptop till december if u wanna play add me

LV.11 Team Player 25m


Cool new emotes coming to my channel soon just waiting on approval from twitch.

LV.17 Sage 32m

Well.....things changed.

So, I stopped posting on here for a couple of months because of toxicity and attention seeking, I can now proudly say that I am going to be posting again as all the clout chasers have gone, I'm gonna get some rest, great to be back, lots of love, Razza♤

LV.21 S 34m

Vote for new pfp

Number 1
number 2

LV.25 Default Savior 1h


LV.21 I Love Food 1h


Who wants one:)

LV.19 Professional Noob 2h

Please go follow this guy

LV.20 S 2h


You don't have to btw

LV.21 Deadeye 2h

Jaja guys this is so funny

Guys I'm lmaoing so hard at this right now jajajajajajajajaja

LV.19 Insomniac 2h

This actually just happened 🤦🏽‍♂️

why is her phone in the shower

LV.25 Default Savior 2h

i spend it all wish me luck

LV.11 Team Player 2h

Hey im only back for a few seconds

So im taking a break from moot, but i decided that i wont be active on discord as well. Sorry if you want to reach me bc i probably wont answer.
(not gonna delet acc or anything im just taking a break)
goodbye for now

verified LV.25 Default Savior 2h

Face Reveal in Anime

This guy looks exactly like me IRL

LV.7 Nomad 2h

POPULAR What is your wallpaper?

Idk, i got nothing to post and i'm curious, btw this is my wallpaper, yeet

LV.20 Carry Me 3h

Need friends YwY

When you need friends
Like me

I need friend I am depression

LV.3 Lurker 3h

Cinderella 😂

LV.3 Lurker 3h


Looking for the best bonfire out there with gifs there are what interest me, If in any way I don't like it I'll have someone make one for me...

I got my work cut out for me...

Founder 3h

I didn’t know Mc’Donalds had a island

LV.10 Big Chungus 3h

Wheres my memes

You dont need to know what they are needed for

LV.20 Professional Noob 3h

POPULAR Random Question #56782772662

What's your favorite drink? I don't want "funny" answers so if you answer with something you know is a joke don't expect me to respond.

LV.22 Assassin 3h

I just want to talk

So one thing I want to do is talk with y'all honestly the reason why it's because I'm kind of tired I'm sitting here texting back and forth with people and I think you'd be much better if we can talk on the phone we don't have to meet in real life so if you do want to talk to me DM me and up yeah you have to be a follower I tried sending a video and it just never works it never works maybe once or twice it did book other than that I just want to talk with you all so DM me if you want to talk

LV.18 Sage 3h

Any of y'all in Texas? Lmao

verified LV.26 PlayStation 3h

I would join, if I didn't already know what's in mind

So I looked into this, and saw nothing much but a bunch of people. I already had something in mind that they play fortnite and just add people who have Ninja in their name (for obvious reasons)

LV.26 Gameboy 3h

Announcement :3

Hey all! I hope everyone is doing great. Unfortunately I've been stripped of my status as a mod, I do believe this was do to my frequent episodes of inactivity. School & work have been pretty heavy on me recently so its been hard to keep up with my modding duties.
I wanted to say thanks to all my (former) fellow mods for all their help with everything! Love you guys. Im not making one those Im LeaVInG MooT posts dont worry, i still want to be active as i can. Thx for everything mooties xP It was more than fun helping out as a mod.
PS its gonna be so hard seeing fortnite posts in the wrong boards without being able to move them xD

LV.26 Midnight Kiss 3h

Big announcement

People need to using this app as a dating app please because it’s really annoying and this is a gaming app so just go over to tinder since that’s right next door. Another thing,

LV.20 I'm a Bot 3h