Discussion Time with Gator #3

Hello and welcome back to another addition of, Discussion Time with Gator! Today's topic for our discussion will be which headset is the best when it comes to gaming. We will be looking at the Turtle Beach Headset & Astro Gaming Headset. Here's a few things you need to know about both of these headsets.

First and foremost, the price. With a great headset, it does not come cheap. In your mind, you want a headset that helps you hear the enemies footsteps from miles away and even hear them reloading their gun, but with that comes at a price (literally). With the Turtle Beaches, some start out cheap at around $30 to $50, and then they skyrocket towards $100+. But with Astros, they are mostly in the $150-$200 or more range.

Next is the look of a headset. You want that headset of yours to look cool with perhaps your favorite color or pattern style and both of these headsets have that available.

And last but not least, the sound quality. As mentioned before, you want to hear where the enemy is coming from, that way you can gain the upper hand in the fight. Also as an added bonus, some, if not all, Turtle Beaches and Astros have noise cancelling microphones so it eliminates all that nasty background noise and it's always nice to get the ones that have comfortable ear cushions. You never want to go for a long period of playtime and have your ears be uncomfortable the entire time.

Well that pretty much wraps this up but I don't want to leave you guys out of the discussion. Leave your comments below or vote in the poll which headset you like best or if you have another headset that you like better than these two, be sure to share it with us. Stay tuned for the next discussion topic and have a great day!


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Guideline: D&D for casual (my own version)

Did you ever wanted to play a D&D adventure with some of your friends but you were afraid that the D&D rules are way too complicated? Don’t worry I may have a solution for this problem because my friends and I made our own D&D. Keep in mind that this is a guideline NOT rules. If you want to break some of the points below – go on do it - just be creative.
I personally played it really often and had a really good time. For everyone who loves the normal D&D rules – pls don’t hate me. The target of this post is to offer an alternative style of D&D for a quick play and much easier to learn this game. Also please excuse my English if it’s not good.
Don't hesitate to ask me if you got any question about this post
*Rule general*
What do you need?
* At least 3 players (1 D&D Master and 2 adventurers)
* Paper and pen
* D&D dices
1. Choose your D&D Master: In every D&D game there is always a D&D master who will tell the story and all the details what is happening. The remaining players will become the adventurers
2. Choose your world where you want to play:
It is important which kind of environment your adventure takes you (for example space; fantasy; real world, pirates, …). You also can choose an existing virtual world from your favourite movie or game (Lord of the Rings, Vikings, Starcraft, …). The important part is that everyone agrees with the world you going to play with.
3. For the adventurers: Choose your character sheet. Every player has one character that presents him/her in the D&D world. I personally would recommend you to create your own class and I know that it sounds like a lot of work but most of the D&D character sheets are really complicated. If you don’t want to create your own class you can write me in Moot and get an example of a simple character sheet which you can adapt after your personal touch.
4. For the D&D master: Think of a story. Your job is to create a story for the adventurer and entertain them. But do NOT plan to much of your story. The adventurers have free will to decide what they want in your world (as long as it is not complete silly: like being god). As a D&D master myself I recommend to think the beginning of your story and then improvise – maybe think of some key events that will happen anyway – no matter what your adventurers do.
Character sheets (created by me):
Every adventure gets one-character sheet (Yes, I know it’s in German) and a piece of paper where they can write notes like what they have equipped (like money).
After you got you team of brave adventurer it is time to play. There are two phases in D&D: the roleplay phase and the combat phase. Let’s start the roleplay phase and how you play it.
Phase – D&D Master:
Tell what is going on around the adventurers. The environment, people, weather, … as many details as you want. Try to lead the adventures to your story through interesting events. If an adventure says that he/she wants to do something in the D&D world you have to react on it. How you react on these actions is up to you.
Phase – Adventurers:
Listen what your D&D master has to say and then say what your character wants to do in the D&D world (Have fantasy but stay a little bit realistic). After you said what you want to do you wait for the reaction of the D&D Master.
An example in a bar:
Adventurer: I want to drink a beer
D&D Master: Ok – the barkeeper wants 2 gold for the beer.
Adventurer: Alright – I accept it and drink my beer.
phase general:
The roleplay phase ends when the D&D master says that a battle begins. Here the adventurers have to fight for their survival while the D&D master controls the other character (hostile forces).
phase – D&D master:
You control the enemies of the adventurers and try to kill them. Your target is to make the battle thrilling but still let the adventurer win somehow – and that takes time and training. When you call the battle phase you tell the adventurers how many enemies they face. Afterwards you write down the stats of the enemies on your piece of paper. Here is an example how to create an enemy:
- Life: 4
- Dogde: 5
- Armor: 0
- Autoattack- Damage: 2
phase – adventurer:
You have to choose your next move in combat. The battle is executed in rounds. The adventures begin and then the enemies. What can I do in a combat round? (one of those choices per round)
- Attack an enemy if you are in range (ask the D&D master if not sure and do not use meter or miles: just use rounds)
- Use an item in your inventory (like an health potion/medipack)
- Move your character
- You can also make an creative move (like try to push an enemy off a cliff) – like in roleplay the D&D Master have to react on it
for combat
How to deal damage/get damaged
Choose one of your abilities and then the target. An example “I choose Fireball (Feuerball) on the Bandit Swordsman” – then I take a D20 dice and roll it. The number of the dice have to higher than the dodge number of your enemy if you want to hit it or else you don’t hit the target and your turn is over. It works one to one for the enemy which the D&D master controls. If a character has zero or less health, he/she dies, but player have a chance to get up – other chapter. If a target or player has Armor stats – they suffer less damage (1 Damage vs 1 Armor = 0 Damage).
stats of players
Dyeing in Battle for adventurers
When you have zero health cannot fight anymore – you have to withstand. Instead of doing a normal combat move you have 3 chances to roll a D20. If you did it you are back on your feet with half of your life else you have to try it again next round.
When the last enemy is killed or left the battle the combat phase is over and you all return to the roleplay phase and continue your adventure.
Thank you for reading this and I hope I could help you. If something isn’t clear or you want some more information about it you can text me in Moot. I didn’t put every guideline detail of my D&D style in there because the post is already to long. Have a good day and wish you a great adventure!
If you this style of D&D was funny for you - I would like to know it in the comment.

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POPULAR A little message from Potato

Hello Mooters, here's a little something I have to say regarding the app and it's users.
I felt that it was my civic duty to get up out of my chair and stand up for myself, so let's get started

Firstly, lets go over some of the problems with the community (this is just how I feel the app has become recently). I don't understand the point of having followers, as it's use is never really mentioned or relevant.

I dislike those with high numbers of followers who claim to dislike power-hungry users, all the while they prance around acting very hypocritical.

I VERY much dislike users with higher follower counts who act somewhat like celebrities. We are all users and your follower count does not give you any edge or advantage above anyone else.

I dislike users who talk down to others and exclude people because they "aren't as big."

And I feel as though the ingenious happiness coming from some people who attempt to educate and condescend others needs to stop.
Now I'm not saying that followers should be removed at all (believe me I couldn't do that even if I wanted to), but I feel that there is some disagreement and lying that occurs which is covered up by the number of people who support you.

This support is so good and I love to see how much some people are willing to give. But its terrible how some of the biggest mooters try to put on a show, or milk their fans for upvotes, and more specifically, money!

The Mods are great people and they really connect with other Mooters which is cool.

The Administrators are okay, but for the most part are serious and focus more on business and their role than socializing, which is acceptable 100%

Well it appears that this is all I have to say for now. I hope someone takes what I have written into moderate consideration, as its truly how I feel about this glorious app and community

Bye for now Brotatos

-you know my name so theres no need for this

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What‘s up Moot Coin aspirants?

Due to all your amazing entries, I needed to take some extra time for the final decision.
But right in the nick of time, I concluded the final result so without further ado, here are our winners:




シ Potato
lordvex the survivor

Congratulations to all the winners!
Y‘all did an amazing job and came with clever, interesting and surprising arguments!

You‘ll presumably receive your rewards within the next few days.

For all you, who came away empty-handed, let me tell you there‘s more to come!
Stay vigilant! More contests are on their way.

Thanks to everyone for their entries!

Stay awesome!


Welcome to the first official moderator-run contest on Moot!

The Moot Admins have authorized us to start running our own contests and are generously providing 1000 Moot Coins for us to give away in prizes!
So without further ado let me introduce to you the Favorite Game of 2019 Contest!
2019 will be an awesome year for gaming.
Which upcoming game will be your personal favorite?

To enter into the contest simply write a comment below this post, including:

- A brief description of your game (Name, genre, etc.)

- What are you looking forward to doing the most in your game?

- Three convincing reasons why you think it will be YOUR favorite game of 2019.

There will be one grand prize winner winning 500 Moot coins and 5 runner-up winners winning 100 Moot Coins each.

Please note that it doesn‘t matter if the exact release date is set already, however the release has to be sometime in 2019!

The contest starts on Sunday, 20 January 2019 at 8pm CET (11am PST) and ends on Sunday, 27 January 2019 at 8pm CET (11am PST).
Winners will be announced until Sunday, 3 February 2019.

Winners will be determined according to the overall amount of creativity, interesting descriptions and convincing arguments!

Good Night and Good Luck!

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