I love all of you

I have 90 followers thx so much for the support I truly love all of you guys I hope you guys have an awesome day and again thx for the support staying on my grind for 100 followers thx again I love every on this app thx for being my friends

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#mentalhealthawareness #lookingaftermentalhealth

I’m going to make this a small series to help support those with poor mental health, as always not everything will apply to you but hopefully one may help support you.

💠💠TIP#1 💠💠


If I’m honest this has to be my favourite tip, although when you are feeling low it can be tough to think of something you love, finding a hobby you are good at is a great start.

What do you love doing? What activities can you lose yourself in? What did you love doing in the past?

Enjoying yourself helps beat stress. Doing an activity you enjoy probably means you’re good at it and achieving something boosts your self-esteem. Concentrating on a hobby like learning/playing an instrument or playing a sport can help you forget your worries for a while and change your mood. An hour of sketching lets you express yourself creatively. A morning on the football pitch gets you active and gives you the chance to meet new people.

I challenge you all this week to try this one out guys. It may really help you ☺️

Please bare in mind that if you experiencing low moods consistently and are struggling it is always best to seek help. I do have post about mental health awareness that has plenty of numbers and websites you can turn to or message me directly so I can help support and guide you in the right direction to get help and remember the only way is up 😘❤️

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POPULAR •Daily Dose of Positivity• {3}

I haven’t been happy these past two days, so I apologize for not doing the DDoP this morning. I talked to King_of_Hammers earlier and he had decided to pitch in and help me with today’s DDoP.

From King_of_Hammers:

Today, instead of dwelling on all that is wrong in your life I ask you to focus on one good thing. Use that positive energy to make a small change for the greater good. If you do that I promise you will realize that life isn’t so bad. Stay Positive.

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POPULAR I need a bit of truth here

This is both for guys or girl
Have you had a girlfriend/boyfriend who you know would do this or did something like this ?

And would you do it ?

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POPULAR Watch if you haven't! <3

+ If you havent already watched this,you really should! If your having any issues with any relationships like friends or family this will help! +

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POPULAR Goodnight post -11-

Goodnight everyone. Its time to get off! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
I just wanna say, I love you guys! I want everyone to have a great day!!
Please, PLEASE, Stay positive! Me and our Positivity Members are trying our best to keep everyone on this app Happy! People in our own group have been un-positive! We need to fix this problem!
If you think we are doing a great job of being Positive Club Hit that like (Upvote) Butten! :)
I love you all!! Thank you all for 120+ Followers these few day!!
Nytoo, ;) <3
~Stay Positive! (RZone)
Bye everyone hope you had a good day! Let me know in the comments how was your day! Feel free to ask me I might reply back!! IM feeling good today! Are you??
If you got a dog for your birthday what would you do when you see it?
Also everyone, I wanna inform you all, That....
I am,
Loving all the SUPPORT From EVERYONE!! Love you all!! ;) <3

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POPULAR Quick question: What's the worst game you regret playing?

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POPULAR New to Moot

Hello everybody,
I just got moot, set up a acc and now im here with my very first post (I got moot like 2 secs ago)
I just wanted to say hi so hello

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POPULAR 2,000 Follower Special 😊🔥

Imma ask this again bc it's been a minute since I made my post that asked the same thing.

I'm now 250ish followers away from 2k followers...

So now my question is;
What would you like to see from me?

And what I mean is
Some people post a face reveal,
Some may do an art project
New YouTube video

Leave any suggestions in the comments below :)
And it doesn't have to be any of the things I listed above. ♡

I'll do what I see the majority of in the comments or if something seems really cool I'll do it. :D

Thanks for everyone's continuous support. 💖

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POPULAR Where does everyone live?

Comment (if you want) what country you live in! For me I live in south Australia!

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POPULAR What’s positive in your life?

So I wanted to do something different and move a little out of my comfort zone. Since there’s a lot of effed up stuff happening in the world right now and I personally have some issues going on in my life, I always try and look at what’s positive in my life and what makes every day a good day. I want each and every one of you mooters to comment below 1 thing that’s positive in your life at the moment. Even if you’re going through a tough time and you can’t see any positivity in the world, I really want you to dig deep. Do you have people around you that love you? Do you have a roof to live under? Are you eating enough every day? Do you have basic necessities such as sight or hearing that so many of us take for granted? I understand life can be tough and some things that go on in our lives won’t be understood by everyone, but we here at Moot are a community. We are a forever growing family that accepts everybody and everything, no matter who you are and what struggles you endure on a daily basis. I love you all, and I want everyone to know that you are important in your own unique and individual way. So spread some positivity in the comments, and have yourself a blessed day 🙏💜

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POPULAR I'd like to make some new friends!

It's always nice to make more friends, so I'd love it if any new people would like to be friends too and introduce themselves ^-^

I'm Elfi and I play on PlayStation 4, it's nice to meet you all!

(And of course to my sweet lil friendos that I currently have, much love to you 💛)

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POPULAR Good games to play?

I was thinking about getting Kingdom Come: Deliverance, 7 Days To Die, Farming Simulator 2019 or Red Dead Redemption 2. Looking for some more suggestions though :)

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POPULAR Da Big 64 Speaks : New Lounges

I’m sure someone has done a post like this before but
since I have a decent following and direct Admin plugs
from my moderator status in the Fortnite Lounge I want
to be the voice of the people.Everyone leave a comment
below with a Lounge you would like to see become a
part of the Moot app , the more people that comment
for each requested Lounge will increase it’s probability
of being created. Spread this post around ; let’s make
some noise & get these Lounges for ya. Much Love
- Da Big 64

Big Shout out to Elfi , Shortie Said She Wants a
Tomb Raider Lounge. 🙏🏾🔆✨

#NewLounges #DaBig64Speaks #64

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POPULAR Where are you going?

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POPULAR Whats Your Favorite Moot Badge?

Feel free to say multiple

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POPULAR Daily Bunny ♡


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POPULAR + About The Positivity Club +

Okay,I have gotten a good amount of requests to join the club so I've decided to make a post about it.
ABOUT IT - The Positivity Club is a group of friends I got together to spread positivity throughout Moot to try and make it a more positive place,It was made to have people cheering you on and making you happy no matter the situation. I am not sure if everyone in the club is also like this,but my dm's are always open for anyone to come talk to me about how hard your day has been or anything about your state of depression and I will do my best to help you out and cheer you up.
HOW TO JOIN - As of right now,The Positivity Club is closed for people to join,it is alot to monitor at the time being and not everyone in the club is ready to expand yet so it may take awhile for everyone to settle in and be ready. BUT,I will still be monitoring people I see and that have been positive for awhile and are generally a great person overall. If I do enjoy what you post,how you act,and who you are as a person,I will talk with everyone in the club to see if we would like you to join. And if everyone is okay with it then I will send you a message asking if you are interested in joining!
Hopefully this clears up anyone who has asked to join and anyone who has thought about asking! Thank you for your time! <3

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POPULAR I made a cute bio and I'm proud of myself ʚ💛ɞ

Tell me what you think!

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POPULAR New to Moot

Hello fellow gamers , My name is Obe I am kinda new to this thing 👋🏽

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Huge shout out to...

http://moot.us/@Positivity go follow him
Go follow http://moot.us/@kingofhammers 4 really great

Go follow http://moot.us/@SabRina

Go follow http://moot.us/@Stun they are my best friends tell them sleepy sent you👌😜✌

Go follow http://moot.us/@hybrid

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POPULAR Can't sleep v~v

I've tried a whole list of things to help me get a good sleep schedule but nothing is working ;( It's gotten to the point where I'm starting to get mad at myself for not focusing completely on sleep. It's so frustrating. I don't know what to do *~*

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It has come to my attention recently that some people on here have been expressing feelings of sadness, loneliness, stress etc and to some of you it may look like an attention seeking post but usually this is not the case and actually they are just calling out for help, maybe they’re unsure of how to get help, or aren’t confident enough to do so. Being open to mental health can break down any stigma surrounding it. You don’t have to be an expert to talk and to listen, and often it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Basically I’m writing this post to not only beg you to be more sensitive to what some people are saying, but to be supportive and resourceful. I’ve taken some time this evening to post a couple of links and numbers to different Mental Health Support Charities, I have tried to look around for support outside of the U.K. but this has proven a little tough so please if anyone knows any in their countries or areas (maybe the same charity but the number or website is different), post them and I will be sure to add them to this post.

If you are reading this an are experiencing difficulties with Depression, Anxiety, or Suicidal Thoughts or know anyone that may be please think about making these numbers and websites known to you, and as always, my inbox is open to anyone who might need it.

Samaritans (UK based)
Telephone: 116 123 (24 hours a day, free to call)
Email: jo@samaritans.org
Website: https://www.samaritans.org
Provides confidential, non-judgemental emotional support for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those that could lead to suicide. You can phone, email, write a letter or in most cases talk to someone face to face.

Saneline (UK based)
Telephone: 0300 304 7000 (4:30pm-10:30pm)
Website: www.sane.org.uk/what_we_do/support/helpline
Saneline is a national mental health helpline providing information and support to people with mental health problems and those who support them.

ChildLine (UK based but has useful links etc on their website)
Telephone: 0800 1111
Website: www.childline.org.uk
ChildLine is a private and confidential service for children and young people up to the age of nineteen. You can contact a ChildLine counsellor for free about anything - no problem is too big or too small.

**Some suicide and mental health hotline numbers for the US** (thank you Cyro)

Adolescent Suicide Hotline (800-621-4000)

Adolescent Crisis Intervention & Counseling Nineline (1-800-999-9999)

Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK)

Suicide & Crisis Hotline (1-800-999-9999)

The Trevor HelpLine, Specializing in gay and lesbian youth suicide prevention (1-800-850-8078)

Teen Helpline (1-800-400-0900)

Youth Crisis Hotline (800-HIT-HOME)

**CANADIAN SUPPORT** (thank you Nop)

Crisis Services Canada, enables callers anywhere in Canada to access crisis support by phone, in French or English: (free) 1-833-456-4566 Available 24/7

Kids help phone Ages 20 Years and Under in Canada 1-800-668-6868

Canadian Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line 1-866-925-4419

Trans LifeLine – All Ages 1-877-330-6366

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POPULAR Let’s Play A Game ...

[ Failure to follow rules above results in disqualification
Unless commenting on an already ended game session]

[ Score Accurate As Of April 17th at 5:00am EST ]

#DaBig64Games #Game1 #WordFlip#64

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Attention all subscribers and viewers too my channel!!!!!

I am introducing a new series called; ”What do ya think of that?” where I will be trying out new operators, guns, and heroes from For Honor, R6 and plenty more games!!! The first episode will be uploading in under an hour. Please stay tuned!!

Edit. Episode uploaded.


POPULAR STOP! What you are doing people!

And go follow RZone! Good people deserve follows, so make that a thing! Ok? Ok.


Carry on.


POPULAR Anyone else have allergies? I know I f***in do. 🤧🤧🤧

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If you are looking for teammates please do not dm me. Use the LFG (Looking For Group) to find people who are available. You can choose the gamemode, amount of people, and time. Have a nice day!

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POPULAR fuck this bullshit

so before i post a face reveal, i have a few things to say:
1. I did this as a jioke at first mainly because i didnt think i was good enough to get over 100 subs, but here we fucking are
2. stun, i hate you, so very much. and cryosphere, fuc you too buddy. this is your fault
3. thanks for 100 subs. ill try to keep good content coming to make my channel as interesting as ever. who knows, maybe ill start recording siege to make sure that i get every good move i can.
so, without further ado, here i am, the magical ꞵǀⱾꞪҞΞͲ.

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Today, is my birthday, and I'm turning 9. You guys have been a good community and I won't doubt celebrating without you guys. Thanks! ❤👍🙂✨❕

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