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POPULAR Ask me something pls I'm bored

Nothi g too personal tho

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POPULAR Mobile moot users stand up

Yoo where my mobile moot users at

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Please go follow Odd Neko!

Were making a bet and I cant let him win
thanks 🤗🤗🤗🤗❤️💛💚💙

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POPULAR 1 like = 1 fact

i dont think this has been done before but i used to do this all the time on MovieStarPlanet lmaooo, but yeah, ill keep editing this post with the facts (:

im doing this because i feel detached from the new peeps on Moot, n i want u to feel like u can speak to me, bc i like meeting new people (:

1.) my name is Lauren
2.) i am 18 years old
3.) i am a grill
4.) i fucking love cats
5.) i live in England (: UKFORDABOIS (;
6.) i love on a farm, we have cows and sheep and a few chickens
7.) i have two brothers called Daniel and Nathan and i am the middle child.
8.) my fav food is pasta
9.) my fav games are Overwatch, R6S, Fortnite and Minecraft.
10.) i am currently in a mid life crisis... idk probably.
11.) my fav youtuber is called TeosGame, watch him.
12.) i have a social life (; upthesesh
13.) my fav alcoholic drink is ‘sex on the beach’
14.) i want to travel the world
15.) i am 1/4 norwegian (:
16.) i have strong possibly questionable political views (uk)
17 [for the downvoter (;] my humour is very wide, i find almost everything funny.
18.) i am extremely poor, buy my onlyfans.... jokes... unless?
19.) i have a girlfriend, her name is Sophie, she does not play games or dance. {also not rlly my girlf}
20.) i prefer xbox over ps4, simply bc of the community, i make so many more e-friends on xbox (plus the controller fits perfect in my hands)
21.) i am northern english, kinda near newcastle.
22.) i have quite a big family and we throw the best parties
23.) i can drive, i have a shit little corsa, its so bad and falling to pieces but atleast it works
24.) my favourite colour is red, however i love any neon colours and grey too!
25.) i have blonde/silver hair, and i keep trying to dye it pink or purple but it doesnt work ):
26.) i am not very smart, like i am the typical ‘dumb blonde’ but i have knowledge in some areas (:
27.) i love everything fluffy
28.) id consider myself a ‘lad’ if ygm, bc i can take banter
29.) i used to be v socially awkward, however its getting better so yay, go me (:
30.) i have 2 cats called Milo and Susie
31.) i have 2 dogs called Finn and Tilly
32.) i can paint mediocrely, but i havent done any work for ab 3 yrs
33.) i have waaaay more boyfriends than girlfriends
34.) i have only loved one boy like *that*
35.) i really like anything made out of potatoes
36.) i only started playing minecraft this year
37.) i had a pet sheep but it died ): rip miracle
38.) i dropped out of college and got an apprenticeship instead
39.) i was addicted to the sims at one point....
40.) i was also addicted to MovieStarPlanet at one point....
41.) i played fn since szn 2 and i used to be good when everyone else was noobz, now i am noob
42.) ive played overwatch since szn 2 aswell and the highest ive been was like 2700sr
43.) so in conclusion, i am really bad at games.
44.) this post has made me realise im really not very interesting.
45.) i have like 150+hrs of mercy on both accounts Dx
46.) i get triggered every time someone downvotes
47.) i only just learnt that ‘every time’ is not one word, tffff
48.) i wear glasses to see the TV, or drive or just see anything clearly thats further away than like 2 metres ):
49.) my fav skins on fn are ‘whiplash’ and ‘aura’
50.) i have a lot of bestfriends and friends, idk how bc im annoying af
51.) i rlly love nachos
52.) i love scarlxrd, lil peep, ski mask.
53.) i dont have one type of music, literally listen to grime, techno, dnb, english indie, pop, punk etcccc gimmie anything aslong as i can dance or scream to it (:
(s/o to the guys who actually read them all xx)

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Yay 500 followers ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈🎊

we did it 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎉🎈🎉🎉🎈🎉🎊🎊🎊🎉🎈🎈🎉🎈🎈🎈🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you guys and girls so much love you all and all the hates

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No sleep

I can't get sleep. I get 4 yo 1 hours of sleep help😭😞😴

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This guy is a amazing and really nice

only one more follow please and you'll make his day

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POPULAR I got 77 followers and thats my favorite number

to be honest I kinda want it to stay there

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POPULAR Anybody Still Up Out There???

For me, it's 6:23am at the time of making this post, and I'm curious as to how many others are still up out there.

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Done with this

oooof one done with this got nothing to say today only I got beat up today soooo yay🤕😅

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POPULAR Am I the only one? Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)

Does anyone else eat their waffles frozen (like straight out of the freezer) instead of heating them up? 😅

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POPULAR Honestly what has happened to Moot

I haven't been back long but it already feels like it's lost its energy and life. It's kinda sad really :/

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POPULAR Disgraceful 😂

After actually scrolling through the Off-Topic Lounge I’ve never been seen such an unappealing set of threads in my life. Folks really out here making themselves depressed and all that. Forgive me for not being able to relate but it seem like bair frail antics to me , ya too dramatic. I go through all kind of nonsense that make ya problems look like nothing but do you ever see me making them lame ass posts ? If I told you half my life story compared to yours you’d see how dumb you look FrFr.

The fact that you can even pick up your phone with internet and type your sad ass post makes your life 100x better than 64% of the fucking human population.

Suck it up and keep pushing. Stop looking for pity and ruining the Moot experience , deadass.

The suicide shit gotta stop , it’s dumb. Suicide is literally the worst case scenario to any situation like use ya brain.

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I'm at the doctors

if I hit 500 followers at the doctors then I'm going to be mad 😡😤

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RIP moot got talent

I dont think anyone wants to do it anymore...
I think this is the end of the road for something that was really fun for me...
Thank you all for participating, if you want to continue moot got talent let me know..
Might make a new server that is more organized
❤love you all❤


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Have things changed

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POPULAR Do u think moot violates the constitution

I find it kind of funny that moot has a rule that says no homophobia. But is it really homophobia or is it christianity. I dont know but tell me ur opinion. Obviously i dont condone bullying of any type but preaching against being prideful about a sin is considered bullying. Ive been called mean things on multiple social media sites (not much on moot) for being conservative. Just tell me what u all think below.

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POPULAR what would YOU do

ight don’t fucking take this seriously

what would YOU do if you saw a stranger around your age in your bed?

LV.25 Champion

Not sure if anyone posted about this , but upcoming PS4 update 💖

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POPULAR Wish This Dude a Happy Birthday!

Today, I just found out, that it is reaper213355's birthday and I wanted to make a special post for him. Happy Birthday Reaper! I hope your day is full of fun and surprises!

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POPULAR It's been a while

Most of you probably don't know me, many probably not remembering me, but I thought that after taking a well needed break from social media I might try this app again. So I guess I'm back, at least for a bit. It'll be nice to talk to you all again

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POPULAR Target of harassment and racial comments..

So yesterday as everyone knows I was targeted by someone and they were sending people messages saying false things about me..well a mod took care of that account and it was banned. BUT first thing I see when I get up and get on Moot this morning was more hate, more racial comments...more harassment. They even went as far as to threaten to hang both me and my fiance. I won't post the screenshots but I did send them to the same mod that helped me take care of yesterday's issue. The account in question today has been deleted I don't know if it's because of a mod or if they deleted it on their own buts it's gone. You can actually go to the photo of me and my fiance and see what they commented other things they said we're dm'd but the start of it all was a comment on my photo.

I'm not mad, I'm not even the slightest bit upset. I do however wish that whomever it is that is targeting me and my fiance would kindly fuck off and leave us alone. We haven't done anything to anyone, we're here on Moot to make friends and play videogames just like everyone else.

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POPULAR Can we all say I'm the Richest "Real" User on Moot?

25,000 coins, I thought about celebrating at 20k, but thought not the time yet... Now it is... Now I feel a wannabe materialist on Moot... As far as I know I'll hold Richest User for a long time til otherwise... I would of gotten 25k sooner, but I'm not famous and I can't have one without the other... The other popular user can beat me, but they spent more coins than me daily... Now my next goal 50k and if I can hit that before 2020 then that will kinda be insane... I'll stop gloating now, off to try to be less lazy, thanks for your time people, take care everyone...✌️


POPULAR Hello people.......

ask me anything. How is your guys or girls life?

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POPULAR Im unbanned and here's what I got to say....

I'm unbanned from my third bann given to me since I started moot can't wait for the next one. I got many things to talk about especially what I've been seeing since my bann. First of all I see many posts expressing that moot is either dieing or it wasn't like it was before. Those who made posts like that take this🖕 the pussys that made posts like that are the ones causing the problems. The only problem I see on moot is lack of content and self content. People on here over post make like 10 posts a day saying random shit. Other thing are the gm/gn posts and the depression posts. For those who make gm/gn posts sorry to tell you this but only reason you make posts like that is to fill up the gap because lack of ideas. You don't know what the fuck to post so you fill it up with a goodmorning post and a goodnight post. Another big ass issue is the lack of self content. Plus people come to this app to talk about games and enjoy chats not come to see depression. If your depressed go talk to your pets or your friends because nobody gives a fat fuck. Depression makes the environment feel like shit and that's what's going on. And for those who threaten to leave moot let them leave moot because they are hungry for attention. If someone wants to leave moot then let them leave moot fuck them. Worst thing on here are the clubs. The clubs are garbage, unorganized, and the leaders of them are ass as well. The club members either imitate or dick suck each other so much they make same posts daily and try creating a disgusting trend. The only club/group I have respect for Is honestly "In 64 we trust". The members in that club stick to their own shit, not worry about anyone else, and I've met a number of them and they are all chill af. They don't fucking copy each other on every post or have these disgusting anime pics on their posts and they don't make depression shit. If you didn't like anything or didn't agree shove this🖕 in your ass. For those who agree know it's straight up facts🔥

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POPULAR Newbie incoming

So uh...Hi. I'm Tali,
26 years old
Usually plays:
- Final Fantasy 14 online (Coeurl Server)
- Code Vein
- Destiny 2
- ESO (occasionally)
- Castlevania HD
- Monster Hunter World
- Dauntless (kinda, haven't played in a while)

Won't lie to you all.. I suck at just about every game I've listed but I enjoy playing nonetheless.♡

Reasons why I'm on here:
- Build friendships
- Find a static one day for most of the games I've listed

- I work 1:30 - 10PM EST Tuesday-Friday and Saturdays until 5pm.

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POPULAR What is Your Fav Anime?

These are Mine.
Demon Slayer
One Punch Man
Jojo's Bizarre Adventures
My Hero Academia
Honorable Mention
Darling in The Franxx

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POPULAR Ask Me Anything!!

The first five were very private (name, age, etc.) so I took them out!

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