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Need a team for 5v5

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Real thoughts

So i stopped playing vainglory just after the 5v5 release for everyone, because of some personal reason. Now when I came back to the game, i feel like the game is lacking the same kind of attraction i had before leaving. Here I'll list some of things that I feel like doesn't suit well with the current state of the game

1. Balance changes seemed to focus more on 5v5 rather than 3v3. For ex - they reduced the defense values on all heroes as well as the reduced defense on items. This seemed more geared towards 5v5 so that its easier to handle enemies there. In 3v3 reduces defense means you have run back often and 3v3 map also have less space to run to.

2. Whats up with the jungle monsters. You can now have them follow you to infinity in 3v3. The kraken can follow you almost all the way up to your moustache bush. Clearly this change was for 5v5 because 3v3 is smaller for this agro range

3. Long queue times. I have cases were i got a match after 10 min! that's like half the match. now the avg wait time fo takesr is like above 3 min most of the time. that's in 3v3

4. clearly tony is OP for 3v3, with that barrier after every few seconds (thats just my opinion)

I really used to love this game. I have been playing the game constantly for the past 3 years now, i used follow to the professional scene too (mowglie still best phinn) and I have seen the game grow alot. But after the 5v5 I feel like the game is trying too hard to manage both modes. It doesn't work. I personally started vg because it was fast paced and easy to pick (not many things like LOL and Dota 2, believe me i tried those, it was like rocket science for me). 5v5 in vg just takes away that faced paced nature of the game. You can forget about helping ypur friend if he/she on a side of river that doesn't provide fast travel. Scout cam is bad idea compared to traps and lastly the poor captain guy almost feel like he/she will go insane just roaming around the map trying to gather gold and help people.
Its not fast paced, feels slow and although 5v5 is still easy to pick up, its not interesting for me.

So these were my views what do you guys think, i know its a long post but i justed wanted to give my honest opinion on the vg situation.

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