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LV.3Lurker3 months ago

An Update from the Community Management Team

Hello inmates!
It has been one month since Darwin Project launched on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. I am personally amazed by how our whole community has grown in that short time. Our community has expanded to almost 13,000 on Discord (from about 7,000 prior to launch), 14,500 on Twitter, and almost 33,000 on Steam. For a growing team like us, those numbers are humbling. However, what we’re even prouder of is the sense of camaraderie and positivity within the community, despite Darwin Project being all about sticking your axe into other players the first chance you get. Players are friendly to one another, and we hear “good game” frequently―even from players who just died to a headshot. As someone who has been a member of many other gaming communities for several years, I find this simply amazing.
Darwin Project’s vision was built around social interaction, so it’s very important for us that our community continues to display this positivity throughout Early Access and beyond. We have been hard at work listening to our players, recording feedback, and amplifying community initiatives. Most importantly, we have been working on making sure that Darwin Project matches are toxicity-free as much as possible. Today, we wanted to share some measures we’ve taken to minimize the number of unpleasant experiences our players encounter:
• We are investigating player reports and have given sanctions to players found to have violated the Code of Conduct.
• We have increased the number of in-game enforcers on both Steam and Xbox as well as the number of moderators on our social channels. Enforcers and moderators exist to provide support, answer questions, ensure order, and spread positivity.
• We now require event organizers to adhere to the Code of Conduct to promote their events in the dedicated community events channel on Discord.
Your reports are greatly helping us make sure toxic players are held responsible for their actions, and we are working on better tools to not only handle reports more efficiently, but also notify you when those you’ve filed lead to a sanction. Please continue to report behavior that violates the Code of Conduct so we can maintain the fun atmosphere inside the Darwin Project arena together.
If you haven’t already and want to get more involved with our community, come join our Discord server at discord.gg/darwin. We are now 12,700 strong and still growing! It’s a chance for you to get to know community members, share tips, and apply for special roles if that’s something you’re interested in.
We will keep being as active as we can on all our official channels and do our best to nurture the wonderful spirit many of you have come to expect from the Darwin Project community.
Looking forward to seeing you around!

LV.7Nomad3 months ago