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LV.8Nomad12 hours ago

As a returning player starting from scratch, the new leveling system is an absolute miracle (ESO)

ESO is one of those games that I've had forever and always enjoy playing, but have never really made any progress in. Although there's an insane amount of quests and a solo-only story line, ESO is a game that's best played with friends. Because power leveling is much much faster in a group and because the game is scaled so that different level characters can all get adequately rewarded from the same activity, it is clear that ESO is meant to be played with a group of friends. And luckily, a few of my friends decided we could make the time for some regular ESO.
Unfortunately I had to start a fresh account, not that I had played much in the first place. Being the level 1 scrub running out of stamina every 2 seconds is never fun, but it's even worse when your buddies are galloping by you on things like the wolf from Princess Mononoke. I dreaded the insane grind to get enough gold for a mount the first time around and was ready to start a welfare fund when something amazing happened: I hit level 10.
The free mount upon reaching level 10 is an absolute lifesaver and makes it much easier for new players to pick up the game. It's not just the mount either - the experience boosts and diverse and powerful gear that players earn from leveling means that new players can spend more time enjoying the game and less time grinding. I'm sure a lot of the 700cp veterans don't really care and that's completely fine, but just know that it's things like this that keep the game alive.
On a side note: you can currently get ESO Plus for free for the rest of the week. This gives you access to all of the DLC content that's ever been released! So now is the perfect time for people to test out all the different expansions or to start playing ESO again if you've taken a long break like me.

LV.20S6 days ago

You know it's true

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Looking for guild members

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The Elder Scrolls @ E3

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