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Jun 5, 2020, 05:38 AM 58 read

Follower & Money Guide 🔥

So first I hope nobody wrote this before me, if yes then sorry. I read so much where people ask how you can get much money or follower. So here's one way which I did and now I'm almost cult 800. I recommend doing everything with a friend or someone you know who's maybe even better than you. Doesn't mean you're bad but I got some help from a friend who's way better than me. My friends and me started with the Street race event where you have to drive the "Harley Davidson Red Rock Run" located in Las Vegas It gives you on the ace difficulty over 100k money in under 15 minutes. Depending on how you drive (not driving into everything and stuff). How much and good you parts you have. And also if you know the most important short cuts, of course it costs you some time if you fail those. This is a very good easy way to earn money and followers in a quick way if you're at the very beginning! If you're brave enough and you don't mind to drive 30 to 35 minutes and you already have all good parts (at least the highest level) then you can drive the Hypercar Event "Coast to Coast" in New York. When you successfully ended the two first difficulties you get on the third one over 300k money and over 45k follower! Of course here it also depends how fast your car is, which parts you have and how good you'll take the short cuts. Down below I link two good videos where you can take the short cuts, which will help you very much: Harley Davidson Video: Hypercar Video: I recommend you very much to do the races with a friend or someone in the game who has a high cult and ask him/her if you can race one of those two events or even both. Especially as a beginner! Hope I could help with that and have fun with the races!

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    I grind this everyday