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Village Rating


How does anyone get their village rating to be more than just one star? Is it a bug I am expiriencing or did the tutorial skip over yet another vital piece of information? No matter how much progress I have in one day, how many quests I finish, how many eggs I hatch, how insanely much I produce, how many hours I play- or lack thereof I always get a single star on the village rating along with being told "Theres still a long way to go before you can match the village!" and what does that even mean, match the village? Are we supposed to replecate the village you guys made and showed us literally once for 15 seconds in the tutorial? How are we supposed to manage this? Or maybe rating is based off of how many likes you get, or people you help? Can anyone at all- whether player or manager actually let us know how to raise our rating? Or maybe let us know about spirit and how that works as well as how often finding spirit occurs? What about ways to get the money actually needed to buy all of the insanely expensive buildings and factories given to us each level BEFORE we get to the next level and are required to get EVEN MORE expensive buildings we cant afford to be able to progress? Im so confused about so many things.. Maybe Im not the only one either :/

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  • Zhaylin LV.1 Mootie Feb 15, 2019, 03:57 AM

    Heh, you're not the only one confused lol. I think some it the game is just badly translated. "matching the village", *I think*, refers to the simple majesty of the village before it was destroyed.
    I think it's a glitch. I bought both of the gem decorations (sword and tree). I earned the special currency in-game. I've not spent any real money.

    As for earning money... it's a grind. I just sell pine trees and cotton. Once I had the armory and weapon smith up, I make swords and shields and sell those instead.

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