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Game Guide: Main Menu

Game Guide

II. MAIN MENU   In this section, you will see the different menus and features once you start the game.  

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1. Account Information- This shows your current Account Level. 2. Badge- This information shows your current badges. 3. Settings and Mailbox – The Settings (Gear icon) allows you to access game settings. The Mailbox will show your current in-game messages and will show a notification if there are new messages. 4. Quest- This shows your current quest to accomplish. 5. Friend- This section shows your friends. 6. Edit- This section allows you to edit your Village layout. 7. Egg Trade – This allows you to trade certain materials for a Dragon Egg. 8. Delivery- Delivery selects your dragons for specific items to be delivered. 9. Airfield – You can exchange your current items for building materials like wood. 10. Dragon – This section lists available dragons and their information. 11. Build – Allows you to build Factory, Village Decoration, Special Buildings, and Facilities. 12. Action Tickets- Shows your current and max Action tickets. Each task or action requires an Action Ticket. 13. Diamonds- Shows your current diamonds 14. Gold Coins- Shows your current Village gold coins.  

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