Game Guide: Introduction

Create your Dragon Village W! From the creators of Dragon Village 2, Dragon Village Pocket and Dragon Village M, Dragon Village W brings new and exciting features to create and expand your village!

Game Guide: Introduction
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Game Guide: Introduction

Game Guide: Main Menu

In this section, you will see the different menus and features once you start the game.
1. Account Information- This shows your current Account Level.
2. Badge- This information shows your current badges.
3. Settings and Mailbox – The Settings (Gear icon) allows you to access game settings. The
Mailbox will show your current in-game messages and will show a notification if there
are new messages.
4. Quest- This shows your current quest to accomplish.
5. Friend- This section shows your friends.
6. Edit- This section allows you to edit your Village layout.
7. Egg Trade – This allows you to trade certain materials for a Dragon Egg.
8. Delivery- Delivery selects your dragons for specific items to be delivered.
9. Airfield – You can exchange your current items for building materials like wood.
10. Dragon – This section lists available dragons and their information.
11. Build – Allows you to build Factory, Village Decoration, Special Buildings, and Facilities.
12. Action Tickets- Shows your current and max Action tickets. Each task or action requires an
Action Ticket.
13. Diamonds- Shows your current diamonds
14. Gold Coins- Shows your current Village gold coins.

Game Guide: Main Menu
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Game Guide: Main Menu

Game Guide: Quest

III. Quest
Main Quests displays your main task to accomplish. Each Main task has corresponding rewards. This also shows the required materials to finish this task.

Game Guide: Quest +1
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Game Guide: Quest

Game Guide: Friend

❏ Friends- Shows the list of all Friends.
❏ Find- This enables you to search players and add them as a friend.
❏ Help- This will list all of the pending requests from your friends that needs help from their Village.
❏ Accept – Shows you the list of pending friend requests. This will also allow you to accept these requests.
❏ Send a friend request- Allows you to add any players available.
* You can add up to 200 friends.
You can visit your friends’ Village. You can see your friend’s current Affinity score located at the top-left corner of the screen.
*Select whose Village you want to visit.
1- This shows the current friend
2- Go back to your Home Village

Game Guide: Friend +2
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Game Guide: Friend

Game Guide: Edit

In the Edit mode, you can change the layout of your Village.
Edit mode lets you edit 3 things: Land, Road and Package
❏ Terrain- Lets you choose different terrain you can use in your Village. If you want to change the loaded terrain, you must choose another terrain to overlap and make changes.
*You can choose different styles of terrain.
❏ Road- Lets you choose different styles of Roads to your liking. If you want to remove Road, you must choose the Remove Road button.
*The Remove Road button as the first option.
❏ Packages- These are packaged floors / layouts that you can use. Same as Road, you can remove the design by choosing the Remove Package button
*The Remove Package option as the first option.

Game Guide: Edit +4
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Game Guide: Edit

Game Guide: Egg Trade

Trading lets you get a Dragon Egg in exchange of required Materials.
*You can check the current inventory of Materials by clicking on each boxes.
Once all required materials has been met, you will see a check icon on each boxes. Click on Trade to hatch the egg.
*The Dragon Grade about the Dragon or Pet to be hatched will be displayed.
Once the Egg has been selected, you can now start hatching. Depending on the grade of the Dragon or Pet, Hatching would take time to complete. You can speed up the time by spending Diamonds.
*The time remaining will show at the screen. You can speed up by spending diamonds.
*Once Hatching is complete, you can now see the pet or dragon you get.

Game Guide: Egg Trade +4
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Game Guide: Egg Trade

Game Guide: Dragon Delivery

In Dragon Delivery, you can assign your dragons to deliver some items from your Inventory to get W Gold coins and Leaves. Each Delivery requires a Dragon available. Once the delivery is complete, the dragon will take a rest and will be ready for another delivery. Each delivery is ranked based on the number of acquired W Gold coins and Account Leaves.
*It will show the available Dragons for delivery at the bottom part of the screen.
*It will show the selected Dragon for Delivery.
*The Delivery Information together with the required materials is shown here.
*Once the delivery is complete, the dragon will take a rest.

Game Guide: Dragon Delivery +3
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Game Guide: Dragon Delivery

Game Guide: Airfield

In Air Field, you can exchange your materials to get Treasures and Building materials. You can speed up the time by adding available Dragons. You can add up to 3 Dragons per run.
*Once the Dragon Airport Delivery has started, it will show the time remaining for it to complete. You can always speed up the time by spending diamonds.
*The Airport delivery is completed. You can now get the reward.
*You can get extra Treasure if you are lucky!

Game Guide: Airfield +3
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Game Guide: Airfield

Game Guide: Dragon

Dragon has an index of all Dragons you can get from the game. It also lists what you already have sorted by rank. You can sort the list by Rank, Level, and you can show all Dragons.
In the Dragon page, it lists all the Dragons you can acquire from the game. Unavailable dragons have a lock icon on top.
Dragons are sorted by grades from Normal to Super Rare.
You can increase the level of your acquired Dragons by using Elemental Coins. You can browse each Dragon’s story and their Special Effect.
*You can view the story and Special Effects of the Dragon Selected.
Once you select the Dragon, you can choose the available task which consumes Action Ticket.
You can upgrade your Dragon’s grade by meeting certain requirements.
You can change the background of the selected Dragon in this section. You need to get Spirit Coins to unlock them.
You can earn extra diamonds for watching the dragon’s story.

Game Guide: Dragon +6
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Game Guide: Dragon

Game Guide: Build Mode

You can expand your Village by building in Build Mode.
❏ PUBLIC FACILITIES- You can build facilities like Inn, Antique House, Pub and other buildings. Each building requires account level and required badge. Whenever you build public facilities, you will earn badges.
*When a building is ready to be constructed, it will show how much Gold W Coins are needed.
❏ AGRICULTURE- You can build Farm buildings and such in Agriculture. You can also expand your farm land here.
*You can build Agriculture building by spending W Gold Coins.
❏ SPECIAL BUILDINGS- You can build Market and Bank in Special Buildings.
❏ FACTORY- Factory lists all building that you can use for production. Each Factory requires account level to unlock.
❏ DECORATION- You can decorate your village to your liking. It requires W Gold Coins to build.
❏ COLLECTION- You can design your village with collection. It requires certain account level and badge to unlock.

Game Guide: Build Mode +6
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Game Guide: Build Mode

Game Guide: Expanding your territory

You can expand your territory in Dragon Village W. Once it is available for expansion, you will see a check icon. You can also expand more by spending diamonds. It will take time to finish expanding but, you can shorten the time by spending diamonds as well.

Game Guide: Expanding your territory
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Game Guide: Expanding your territory