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Mar 18, 2019, 05:57 PM 981 read

【Notice】 Patch 03.19 [Updated]


Greetings Tamers!   It’s time for a new update patch! Android users can access the patch update through the Play Store and the iOS update is now also available. Now let’s see if there is anything new in the update, shall we?   Version 1.0.17 Patch Details: March 19 – 01:00AM – 07:00AM GMT / 09:00PM – 03:00AM EST / 09:00AM – 03:00PM PST   Update Contents:     Clover has been added! * You can earn clovers by visiting/helping your friends! * A Clover icon will appear over your friends’ buildings and decorations. * You can visit/help up to 100 friends daily to earn Clovers. * You can only earn a maximum of 200 Clovers. Players must spend them in order to acquire Clovers again.     Lucky House Lottery has been added! * Using Clovers, you can draw from the Lucky House and earn rewards! * Rewards include: Gold, Dia, Decorative Alphabets and the new Demonic Dragon! * (You also have One Free lottery try per Day)     New Friend System has been added! * You can now view the following from the Friends Tab: Reputation Dragon Collection Rate Last Connection Time up to 30 days Clover Availability Only Friends will be able to help you out in the Friends Tab. (Max. 10 per day)     Quests above level 37 have been added.     Fixed Achievement bugs.   Enjoy this brand new update, Tamers!   CM Sander    

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