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[Notice] 1.31 Patch


Greetings Tamers! We will be adding a new update patch. Android Users will be required to update the game through the store, however there will be no maintenance period. For iOS users, last update and this update will be applied tomorrow.   Version 1.0.15 Patch Details: January 31 – 08:00AM – 11:00AM GMT / 03:00AM – 06:00AM EST / 12:00AM – 03:00PM PST - Added Individual attendance time by server - Added Lunar New Year Attendance Event - Added Lunar New Year skins for all Structures - Added Dragon Rating Efficiency indicators - Added the rating of Golden Crow Dragon R / R+ - Increased the Diamond compensation from delivery - Added Lunar New Year plants & other packages - Adjusted Dragon Grade Balance from Delivery and Flight - Fixed other bugs.   [Updated Buildings]

Dragon Village W: Notices - [Notice] 1.31 Patch image 2

[New Dragon – Golden Crow Dragon]

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[Event – Attendance Event]   [Event Name] Lunar New Year   [Event date and time] Starting from January 31 15:00PM (GMT) / January 31 10:00AM (EST) / January 31 07:00AM (PST) – February 8, 14:59 (GMT) / February 8, 09:59AM (EST) / February 8, 06:59AM (PST)   [Event Contents] After the January 31st Update, you can receive various items and R-Grade Gold Dragons upon logging into the game! 1st Day – 3 Wooden Wedge 2nd Day – 3 Plank 3rd Day – 3 Bricks 4th Day – 50 Diamonds 5th Day – R Grade Golden Crow Dragon   [Preview of Golden Crow Dragon]  

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Be sure to log in and claim your Golden Crow Dragon!   Once the Maintenance Period has been completed, players will need to update the game directly through the Google Play Store on Android Devices.   As for iOS, further updates will be announced soon.   We apologize for the inconvenience, and will post an update as soon as the Maintenance Period is over.   CM Sander  

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  • gamer166744103 LV.1 Mootie Feb 12, 2019, 03:08 AM

    What is the event coupon? How do i use it?