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Feb 24, 2019, 01:05 AM 289 read

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Looking for Group

Hi, Are you tired of playing with random people in solo queueing or in discord lobbies where you gamble whether people are nice or not? Do you take the game seriously and want to improve your team-play? Would you like to go on customer matches and practice strategies to later try them up in ranked matches? Let's connect and create a community of good attitude players with a common interest in enjoying siege at its best. Enroll today What you'll get into: 1. Squad up with confirmed nice players (Every squad should have a squad leader) 2. One custom match practice (attack and defense coordination) 3. Play ranked matches in your comfort.   After finding good teammates of your same level and understanding you can start creating name tags to differentiate and potentially become a team.   I'm available to play every day from 19:00 CET until 12:00. (Though my better performances are on Sat and Sun when I'm not tired after work.   What do you say, sounds worth trying? Hit me up!   #Notoxic #Analytic #GameAwareness #CustomMatchStratPlanning #RankedStratPractice

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