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Jun 22, 2020, 02:03 PM 222 read

Looking to make a PRIMARY squad for rainbow | experienced players only | PlayStation gold 3 minimum

Looking for Group
jr_mason Game ID: jr-_-mason
PlayStation Ranked MIC ASAP North America
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  • Audeyy
    Game ID: OFB_Aids
  • XxItzReversexX
    Game ID: Reverse
  • Cobrqq
    Game ID: Cobrqq-

Hi there I’m mason and I’m looking for some chill people to play ranked with. Nobody below gold 3. I’m not very good at rainbow but I’m not dog shit either and I need people who take it seriously but not too seriously. The goal is to win but also have a good time. Only 15-17 year olds. Must have a mic but I just wanna be transparent and let you know it takes me a while to get comfortable talking to someone cuz I’m pretty shy. I don’t give the best callouts either but I do my best. Also don’t make a big deal if we loose. Also please be somewhat active if you can. Add me on ig for communication purposes. I want a full team and if you wanna join hmu. My ig is @_.mason.jr or message me on here. I’ll ask you a few questions and ask to play a few casual games with you too just to see how you do. Let’s have fun and kick some ass :) and please don’t be a bum and seriously have some fun ! And if we can’t all get along you’ll just be kicked. Once again, the goal is to win but have a good and time and have fun. Boys and girls aloud. Must be fluent in English because I don’t know any other languages :/ and finally this is a PRIMARY SQUAD as in well all be a main squad and play with each other most often if you can. #rainbowsixsiege #r6 #rainbow6 #rainbow #squad #friendly #semicompetitive #forfun #committed #consistent

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