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LFT? Join Team HoodNinjas!

Looking for Group
NO NAME verified Game ID: Chopppa.HN
Start Time ASAP A new team has been created.

Starting a team, looking for players for: HN Team: Need a dedicated 3 + a few backups for ranked & ESL GO4’s (Must have an ESL Account) Rank doesn’t really matter but be at Gold 2 or higher looking to learn and improve or bring something to the table that will benefit the team. Must have map knowledge, a positive KD (higher the better), free time to create and practice strats in custom games and a mic + callouts is required! Message me on discord after joining if you’d like to try out for the team! Backups and General Players: Any rank or skill level is allowed, the more people we have the easier it will be to find people your skill level so you can learn together and improve your skills. Only requirement here is no toxicity. Mic’s are always a good thing to have though. Join our discord to get started! #rainbowsix #rainbowsixcontent #lft #r6 #ranked Link to the HoodNinjas discord:

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