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How to fix MnK on console R6


@Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game I am going to help you here, and you dont even have to give me credit. The problem of MnK on Console. Make MnK allowed on console put Mnk players with Mnk. Rn ik you can't detect it you've said it yourselves, I'm not sure if xbox or Sony can detect it or not. But making it fair which are ppl more likely to do? spend an extra 100 dollars on a xim apex or just plug and play ,save some money. The next gen of consoles r6 will be supported both Xbox and Sony have there own branded Mnk, for Xbox its razer turret. Meaning more and more games will have support making ppl want abuse mnk on r6 even more so just make it aloud and let them play with other mnk players. Thanks for reading sorry for spelling mistakes. Upvote this maybe they will end up seeing it I also put this on Twitter. #Mnk #r6 #ranked #hacking #ddos #ban #hacks #memes

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    also why dosent anyone know about #'s on moot