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Popular memes of the week(07/13/19)

Here are the funniest R6 memes from the past week! ==========     1. When you clutch a 1v5 for ur team

image     2. Too bad I hehe FUZED it

image     3. The face when you see a frost trap and you felt for it.

image     4. How many of you do this? 😂

image   5. Lmao

image     6. Pasta last vista

image     7. It's pays off to listen to teammates

image     8. I miss the acog for bandit and Jager.

image     9. Everyone TKs in siege let's be honest...

image     10. Is this accurate?

image     11. Anyone get reminded of happy gilmore while looking at this

image     12. Mozzie will gets you

image     13. Solo-queuing in a Nutshell

image     14. First Meme In A While.

image     15. Anyone ever feel this?

image     16. R6 portrayed by SpongeBob

image     17. Cav wants a legendary 😣

image     18. Ash's hit box

image     19. When u get stimed by doc

image     20. Sometimes It Happens

image     And, Everyone who has one of their memes chosen will receive 300 Moot Coins! Congrats!    

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