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Rainbow 6's Memes of the week (06/15/19)

Here are the funniest R6 memes from the past week! ========   1. Lets be honest...     2. Can't wait for pick and ban!     3. Total peace     4. Finding a Partner 😂     5. lol playing Fuze is being like     6. When You Think You Gonna Lose But Tachanka Take Care Of Business UwU     7. Watch Out For Them Valkyrie Camera UwU     8. Happy summer! (not mine)     9. Nøkk is a badass     10. when you need them the most!     11. The secret     12. UwU this is so sad     13. hmm...     14. That big shot moment..!     15. rook     16. Can I get it please?     17. R6 Ranked     18. Poor doc     19. It be like that... it really do...     20. Caption THIS     And, Everyone who has one of their memes chosen will receive 300 Moot Coins! Congrats!

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