POPULAR Doodles at work

Got bored at work

Doodles at work
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POPULAR Wamai and Kali :)

In celebration of getting a new season,thanks to the trailers that Ubisoft made,I have managed to try to make the logos of the new operators! (BTW,Wamai>Jäger)

Wamai and Kali :)
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POPULAR The final count down

The final count down
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POPULAR Why I'm so stupid?

Why I'm so stupid?
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POPULAR My R6 Minecraft paintings

Made some R6 art in minecraft XD
I've been working on my own texture pack out of boredom and couldn't resist to add something R6 related

My R6 Minecraft paintings +2
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POPULAR Super Shorty

Enjoy 😋

Super Shorty +1
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POPULAR Lord on his throne...

Lord on his throne...
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POPULAR 40 Follower Tachanka

Thank you very much for 40 followers. I know it’s considered a small number but it’s a lot to me. I’m gonna make something better for this. But since it’s been a little bit, I made Tachanka. Thank you once again :)

40 Follower Tachanka
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POPULAR Damn you lesion

** i didnt make this

Damn you lesion
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POPULAR Who’s that Operator? (Quotes) #8

That’s right ladies and gentlemen it’s back!!!
I’m assuming most of you know the drill but for those who don’t if I say that you guess is correct then DELETE it. (It ruins the fun if you don’t)
So head on down to the bottom description see the quote!
The quote is: “I’m in everyone’s blind spot”

Who’s that Operator? (Quotes) #8
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Drew IQ's elite skin because it seemed easy enough. Not a fan of the style but i like the ink.

Support me:
IG: Wolfhd_arts
TTV: Wolfhd_21

IQ Elite Skin
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POPULAR Boys locker room

Boys locker room

POPULAR So I was in a game rn n this happen

So I was in a game rn n this happen +1
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POPULAR Inappropriate Posts 🙄

I'm honestly getting tired of scrolling through any page on here and seeing half naked girls. I remember when i could scroll through moot in public without seeing all this inappropriate shit but now all these little kids getting moot for the first time and think its a good idea to show their "porn" to literally everyone on moot.

I understand that its not "against the rules" but it should be. I would like to freely look through moot and not see things that people will question me in public about. Im sure many others will agree with me. If i wanted to look at porn, i would go to a place that's supposed to have that kind of thing. This is a gamer app, not a porn site.

Well, have a dandy day. Thank you for listening to my rant.

Here's an old Fuze meme while you're here

Inappropriate Posts 🙄
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POPULAR Shifting Tides Gadget Teaser

Ubisoft north America just dropped the video on the new gadgets teaser for the upcoming season

A sniper with the attacker gadget launcher attached to it

A magnet style device which catches incoming grade and other things

Full revival on November 10th

Shifting Tides Gadget Teaser
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I understand it was a Casual match, but still, it was pretty crazy how they all pushed me. Anyways, enjoy the clip!

Zofia Ace
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POPULAR Nokk & Vigil

I've been busy actually playing r6 and actually adulting (it sucks) I think this was one of my favorite ones to make though! 💕

#r6 #art #nokk #vigil

Nokk & Vigil +1
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POPULAR Would anyone mind if I post NON R6S content?

Would anyone mind if I post NON R6S content?
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POPULAR Comment your favorite Map

I'll comment if I think you're delusional

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POPULAR Season 4: Operation Shifting Tides Teaser

Looks like the 4th season of this year will be called Operation Shifting Tides. 🤔🌊



Season 4: Operation Shifting Tides Teaser
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POPULAR Ash Pro League Skin

Here's some Ash fan art and a break from all those sexual operator photos -_- lmao those photos are mad annoying 🤦‍♂️

Might draw one more operator before going back to digital, who should i draw next?

My IG is @ Wolfhd_arts if you guys wanna keep up with my other art

Ash Pro League Skin
LV.20 Lets Play DBD!


Look how thicc Doc is 🤤🤤😍

artwork by your’s truly

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POPULAR (Deleted)

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POPULAR Learning Enemies Playstyle

Alright PlayStyle...Changing your playstyle every round I think it's important and usually this post towards High golds and Plat. Playing in the lower ranks is something really hard for diamonds...I heard once this Diamond player I was playing with he said "Oh no we have a gold in our team and two silvers we are gonna get f*cked" So I was laughing cuz I know what he is talking about. In low ranks people play randomly like you find Rook roaming or a damn Shield RUSHING into the OBJ and adsing everyone....like each and every operator has their own mindset and it's important to play with all of the operators because if you wanna get that shiny diamond rank...you HAVE to be a team player...You can't do it solo unless you have MnK then that's something else. So how to learn the enemy playstyle.
*If the enemy player in the first round they were defending and they were so aggressive like they don't peak they rush you while you are holding an angle..then you can do these things:
1- You can be more aggressive and you push him before he does. Because usually people are so predictable in High Golds and Low Plats.
2- You can listen when they are running towards you, you can Pre-fire, now Pre-firing is not something that everyone can do because of the head level, I see alot of people when I play with....they don't aim at the head level....they aim at chest and most of the time legs. So while Pre-firing, also you have to move cuz don't forget they can easily also Pre-fire you by leaning and crouch and basically they see your head level and they know that you are aiming head level unless you have Flash Hider on the barrel, so they crouch lean and pre-fire.
3- Now holding an angle and just wait for them to run out and try to kill...don't do that you are gonna get killed cuz they usually pre-fire while walking towards because they don't wanna give you the chance to peak them.
4- You don't have to drone every single room you wanna enter...because the droning is used only when you are not sure, if you saw someone, or to watch a flank and a dead teammate will call it out or ping it.
*Alright let's say that while the enemy is defending, they are playing passive...and they are holding an angle on you this is what you should do.
1- You can have a drone in the room that he is holding an angle from or you can drone it out and when you drone DON'T jump because jumping with a drone it makes more noise. So try to be quiet while using the drone....so after you droned him and all don't ping him. it's gonna take time to practice on Pre-firing after you crouch when you peak. because you need to consider that he might changed his head level so you gotta be careful with this.
2- You can quick peak ONCE or TWICE max...because if you peaked more than twice he is gonna one tap you and you're dead. Quick peak so you can gain info where he is at. If you wanna train how to quick peak one tap..go on terrorist hunt and go behind a wall and start practicing on Terrorists.
3- Now here where Vertical game play comes in handy if you don't know how to quick peak or Pre-firing you can tell your teammate to drone the enemy out and give a callout where he is at before he pings..after you change your position lets say you are beneath him now...your teammate can ping him and you can get a wall bang from beneath him.
4- Use your flashbangs, or grenades...I don't see alot of people use their gadgets...Use them I promise you sometimes it works.
5- Pre-firing on high traffic area or common spots is also a good way to get the enemy killed.
So let's say that the attacker now is droning alot and keeps on pinging you because you know they just want to annoy you here is what you can do.
1- You can do a run out and kill the attack if you are near a window or a door and I believe that most people already do that but what people now they don't think about is the claymore that they are about to eat for breakfast when they jump out of a window doing that run out on the attacker while droning.
2- Again you can use your C4 and throw it, you don't have to get the kill just atleast damage him...it's better than nothing.
3- When he drones you out you can either change your position but this time get closer on where is gonna come from...because you know when people drone you out they rush you because they think they gonna get the kill but you gonna be next to them they won't have the time to stop sprinting and shoot at you.
Now the things that are not that hard to counter...
1- If someone is Pre-firing you, you can see his bullets if they are aiming at normal head level then crouch, Pre-fire, lean...and you will get him. and if someone is shooting at crouch head level then stand up and quick peak, don't pre-fire because the recoil of the gun usually goes up not down so it's an easy headshot for them...lucky headshot, thanks to the recoil :P
2- The Enemy who is behind the Mira...is also easy, wither you use your gadget or vertical gameplay...it's all the same or you can bait the enemy by using your drone and putting the drone deployment on advanced people actually do fall for that sometimes.
(If there is more comment bellow and hopefully if I have the information on it I will tell you and if not, I will study it and think about it then reply to you don't worry I gotchu ;).
Alright one last thing that I want you to keep in mind is that put your self in your enemies shoes, like where would you be hiding, where would you be holding the angle, where would you rotate from, where would you be if someone is Pre-fire you...You have to basically see your enemies way of thinking while playing and then see what are the options you have and what are the consequences.
That's all for now, if you want me to talk about something else just write in the comments bellow. Have a good day yall and keep smiling :)

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POPULAR What's the best map in the game? 🤔

LV.5 Bamboozled

POPULAR I knew those foxes can't be trusted...

I don't trust any of them...

Don't choose them foxes people, go for the turtles... **The Poll ended**

Wow, 100+ likes later and now it got featured... this better hit 200 likes to surpass the seige NSFW art I keep seeing...

I knew those foxes can't be trusted... +1
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POPULAR If you can’t beat them, join them.

I’ve noticed (and so has everyone else) the amount of pictures being uploaded of basically nude, “thicc” operators in the r6 lounge.

So I’ve decided to join in on this and help out with the eternal debate of which operator is the
T H I C C E S T.

It’s Rook.

You’re welcome.

(Credit to original artist)

If you can’t beat them, join them.
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POPULAR Happy early holidays 😂😂😂

Happy early holidays 😂😂😂
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POPULAR My opinion

My opinion
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