POPULAR Rainbow 6's Memes of the week (06/08/19)

Here are the funniest R6 memes from the past week!
1. Will You Save This Cat? UwU
2. Please, Mozzie no
3. Typical
4. I know it's not for rainbow but it's still funny
5. Happened about 5 mins ago
7. Do you like to spawnpeak
9. Cough cough
10. When the new operators come out...
11. 🍪
12. If R6S was actually tactical
13. Blitz bad
14. I want to shot it
15. Lord: You must continue my legacy... fuze: _/( -_-)/-
16. my entire siege experience in a nutshell
17. It’s over 9,000......oh
18. Vote to kick
19. True or nah?
20. Oh no... Nonononono
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POPULAR Boi he thicc

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POPULAR Favorite Operators

Wats ur fav OP mine I would say is hibana and jagér/cavy
what’s yours?


POPULAR New event!

The new event is titled Ranked Reborn! Here is a little clip I have of the new lobby and some of the details on the new event!

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POPULAR The hostages send their regards.

Found this while browsing and edited the meme. #memesdulkrosr6

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POPULAR I'd be so pissed

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POPULAR I know that I'm tosic

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POPULAR Rate that weapon (1)

Well first off thanks to gator for the encouragement. Im thinking about making this a series.

Im going to go over a few things then I will do a 1-10 score at the end. Im going to try to keep these brief so you all aren't reading for a century. Thanks!

Today im going over the L85A2 found on Sledge, Thatcher, and S.A.S. recruit

Accuracy: well as many of you may know the L85 is one of the most accurate guns in the game. I would say that any new player should deffinently pick up this weapon and try it out because it is very easy to controll. I'm sure that this gun was made for beginners. I think the accuracy is a 10 and I think many use it for this reason alone

Rate of fire: In terms of R.O.F. (rate of fire) This gun is average bordering on below average. I like to believe that most low fire rate guns have good accuracy but there are some outliers like thermites A.R. but we won't get into that now. I would say it is easier to get headshots with either very high fire rate weapons or very controllable low fire rate weapons. So this thing is basically an automatic DMR.

Damage: The L85 has a standard damage of 47, as you all know guns start doing less damage the farther away you are. So at max range just at the point where bullets aren't dissapearing in mid air it does about 29 damage, all un-supressed. I personally like the guns that have a slower fire rate but hit like a truck and this gun is no acception. Just all around good damage I would say.

My recommended sight: I personally go ACOG sight when im tryharding (which doesn't happen often) and It handles as well as you would expect a laser to handle. But when you are just memeing around I really enjoy the reflex sight on it just because sometimes, just a tip in general, the range at which you will normally get into a fight isn't very far away so sometimes sacrificing range isn't a bad trade off if you don't wanna get destroyed at closer ranges. I like the holo sight and since it's been buffed it may be a better sight then it was back when. So if you want to give it a try, and the red dot. Well the red dot is red dot. Most people use it to flex their skill, some actually make it work competitively. Just not my cup of tea unless my friends said, and I quote "you won't, no balls". So it's really up to you.

Score: this gun Is really something I find enjoyable to play with and it is also very useful. Which is a very good combination, so not taking the operators It is used for I will give this gun a solid 7/10. It has amazing accuracy and good damage, but it has a fire rate that is a little dissapointing and many times I use it in close combat situations. If my foe is somewhat competant He can tag me before enough damage is done before he can knock or kill me. If this gun had a fire rate buff I think it would be one of if not the best gun in the game.

That is all for now thanks for reading and have a good day!

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POPULAR Rainbow Six Siege Mains?

So here's something I've been wondering. What are your guy's mains?

I know on Xbox I'm a Ela/Pretty Princess Blackbeard main. But now I'm on PS4 and I dont have any of my DLC Ops so I'm a IQ Jager main. And something I've noticed at least in most of my PS4 matches is that we almost always have a Doc/Rook and an Ash/Twitch. Not hard to guess why but I find it interesting because on Xbox that almost never happened or at least not to my knowledge.

Anyways what are your mains? Do you like to rush with a 3 speed? Or take your time and push with a 3 armor? Let me know.

And as always stay awesome! ❤

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POPULAR Drew this one as well

Like a lot tho :3

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POPULAR Sorry for the lack of posts but hope you like it

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POPULAR Birthday Challenges For Finka and Clash!

This week we're celebrating two very special birthdays with @UbisoftClub!
🧁 Destroy 10 defender gadgets while attacking to receive the Finka's 🎁 Gift weapon skin for the 6P41
🧁 Destroy 20 attacker drones while defending to unlock the Clash's 🎁 Gift weapon skin for the P-10C
The Challenges will be available starting on June 4th at 8:00am EDT, and will be removed from the Ubisoft Club app on Tuesday, June 11th at 8:00am EDT.

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POPULAR Free Weekend Starting June 6th-9th!

A Free Weekend is right around the corner! Join us June 6–9 in the Proving Grounds where your skills will be put to the test. Also, save up to 70% in one of our biggest sales ever!

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POPULAR I'm goona do working out alot

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POPULAR Just me?

is it just me or do I tilt my head whenever my character does its really weird yes I know but I was just wondering if anybody else does it.

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POPULAR R.I.P To My Friend :/

I can’t believe that I’ve played Rainbow for so many months now and this is the very FIRST time that I’ve noticed this. R.I.P to my friend Bear IV. 😪

As Always...Smile and Be Positive :)

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Finally got around to drawing mozzie who in my opinion has the coolest operator icon! Lemme know what you think and have a great day/night 😁

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POPULAR Black ice airsoft

Made my own black ice cuz ubi wont give me one (finished product)

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POPULAR Rainbow 6's Memes of the week (06/02/19)

Top o' the Moot'ning, everyone! We're very excited to announce a new way we want to reward you, our beautiful Moot community, for creating such awesome content every week. This is the first official Rainbow 6 Memes of the Week post!
At the end of each week, we will choose our favorite memes that have been posted in this lounge and we'll gather them all in a post. BUT THAT"S NOT ALL! Everyone who has one of their memes chosen will receive 300 Moot Coins!
SO. Without further dudes, let's get into the memes!
Here are the funniest memes from the past week!
1. My teammates
2. That is how casual works👌
3. Fuze Seems To Disagree
4. (I’m the nooby friend)
5. Meme I made
6. I'm goona do working out alot
7. Sad reacts only
8. Boi he thicc
9. That’s a good friend
10. At that moment he knew he fucked up...
11. Warden
13. Hide And Seek
14. #Valkmains4thewin
15. I'd be so pissed
16. lol
17. That is how terrorist hunt on realistic works
18. Sponge bob operators😂


POPULAR Jackal Ace

So I was playing ranked the other day and got an ace in a 1v5 situation. I also got some other cool clutches in this match I’ll post some other time.

LV.20 Clearly Hacking

POPULAR Sad reacts only

LV.23 Monster

POPULAR When the squad helps you ace

A little toxic but worth the clip
Worth watching it all, I promise...well maybe

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POPULAR Tournament team?

So my friend came to me with the idea of doing tournaments on siege. Obviously it's be me and her and we're thinking about who else would do this with us. So this isn't an official post saying what's going to happen or not just looking for some general feedback and who would be interested to join said team.

Thanks for your time you're all great👌🏻♥️

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POPULAR Fill In The Blank #1

This will be a new series where I ask you fellow Mooters to put in your own text and finish off the meme. I don't know how long I'll do this series for, but I'm sure if you guys want me to continue it, I'll gladly do so! Anyway, without further ado, the meme is based off one of the new operators coming to Siege with Operation Phantom Sight, Nøkk. Have fun and get creative with it! Also, be sure to keep it clean 👌 and one more thing, keep it Siege related.


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POPULAR Did you claim your charms over the weekend?

This weekend the Italy pro league finals were held. And at the same time you had the ability to watch the stream on twitch and earn free charms for watch time. Here are the charms. :)
I only watched one day because I hadn’t known it was going on. I earned the - Copper - Bronze - Silver - Gold charms. :)

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POPULAR (I’m the nooby friend)

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POPULAR Best pistol? ( Both irl and in game )

Even it's not in the game, but my personal favorite is the Hi-capa 5.1 with surefire flashlight/lazer combo or other M1911 series like meusoc 45 that fbi used but one thing that I like the most , is that the magazine capacity increase to 10-1?? ( I forgot the exact number but it's more then the original 1911)
Please comment your favorite if it's not on the list

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POPULAR Meme I made

I actually completely forgot about Moot, but I'm now back and I'll stay this time and won't reset my phone then forget about the app

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POPULAR Idk who made it

But it's facts

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