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POPULAR I fucking hate this

( I made this meme )

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POPULAR R6 Moot profile pics #29

I didn't draw those artworks - I edit them in photoshop with visual effects (like shadow, lights, color, shine, etc) and backgrounds.
Hibana requested by II sorex II YT
Blackbeard requested by Olleboi
Caveira and Alibi requested by steel road
Ela requested by Gamer girl6617
Ying requested by Oracore
Twitch requested by AxSinGularity

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POPULAR Operator Names For Operation Ember Rise (Amaru & Goyo)

Back some time ago, the Russian Twitter Account for R6 Siege sent out a tweet, detailing what the next season would be called and also, where you could tune in to see the official Season Reveal, which will be held at the Raleigh Majors on August 18th. But one thing that was mentioned, and it was a HUGE mention, were the names of the new operators. The names are Amaru and Goyo, and one is from Peru, the other is from Mexico. Here is that screenshot from their Twitter (The post has since been removed, therefore, no link could be provided)
Translated version of the tweet:
Operation Ember Rise will begin very soon - the next series of innovations is just around the corner!
Amaru and Goyo will appear in Rainbow Six - new operators from Peru and Mexico, who will make the gameplay even more diverse. The Kanal map will also be fully updated.
More on the finals of #RaleighMajor!
This season is shaking up to be filled with some crazy stuff, including those new gadgets that were shown in a video earlier today, plus Kanal is getting a rework as well. Be tuned in to the Raleigh Majors to watch the unveiling of the brand new season, Operation Ember Rise, happening on August 18th! Mark your calendars, because you don't wanna miss a single second!

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POPULAR This is golden 😂


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POPULAR All ranks explained

LV.6 Nomad


So, what attachments do you use on vigil's primaries and also whick primary do you use?

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POPULAR Garra Hook and Volcan Shield R&D

Harry -

I understood that our new Operator’s grappling hook made her fast, but I never expected it would have that much of an effect on the pacing of our training matches. In less experienced hands (mine), the Garra Hook is a slightly-more-convenient way of scaling a wall or breaking through a barricaded window. But for her, it’s an extension of her body. The way she swings her legs, the way she tucks her arms into her sides, everything is geared toward making her as agile as possible. I made the mistake of challenging her, one-on-one. Then for a rematch. Each time, she took me down from an angle I wasn’t expecting, with a speed I couldn’t adapt to. I have to adapt to it.

My only consolation is that she works best when her opponents are distracted. If she goes charging in, she’s going to get a bullet to the face. And she’ll deserve it. But for now, with her unpredictability, she’s set to turn our whole routine upside down. I can’t wait.

Our other new Operator is a special one. He’s quiet, but thoughtful. I’m not surprised his invention is the same. In both cases, if you underestimate or misjudge he’ll be on you like lightning.

I appreciate fielding another defense that more than one person can use. We have our cameras, and we need to check them, but the Volcán gives us something else to keep an eye on. Plus, it’s impressive. Smoke’s “toxic babes” keep people at bay, and do it well, but an unexpected explosion causes a split-second of disorientation that leaves you vulnerable to attack. When I’m right there behind my mirror, protected from the blast, that split-second is all I need.

You asked if they’re ready. They are. As for how they’re going to change the way we approach each other, we’ll just have to wait and see.

-- Specialist Elena “Mira” María Álvarez, Rainbow R&D Director


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POPULAR A meme manufactured by Solid industries

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POPULAR A nice day in seige

Probably the weakest one I've done

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POPULAR Gadget Trailer for Operation Ember Rise

https://youtu.be/4UhbBRklPBQ (Credit goes to Ubisoft North America's YouTube Channel for the video)

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POPULAR 100th Celebration ,Pls read all is important for me

I finali Reached my goal 100 Follower s 🎂🏆🎉🎊
Of corse IT s al thx to you guys 😁
The one s Who suported me :

The Hibananoodle Box ( Best friend in Moot as boy he inspierd and keept me going , made my baner and was whit me from the begining )

Kyatto ( good friend , hope You fell better , and sry cs I didn t spend more time whit You but I hope we Will do IT on the future )

Lars Wouters (Was whit me from the begining , watched me growing , and help me whit a shotout )

FURYwolf532324( helped me, good friend )

ItzQueenVicky ( Best friend in Moot as Girl , first friend on Moot and the one Who made me start this)

TheBreadVandal ( inspierd me , good friend and artist )

And the last but not the least mi1inty
Wich was my 100th Follower

🍜🥃, CHEER S 🥂

As for The pic s All i have iš this enjoy
The last one show s how R6 Work s 😁

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POPULAR Mini montage 1

Here's a new video I made! I hope you all like it.


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POPULAR Valkyrie Pool Bundle Is Coming To Siege!

The Valkyrie Pool Bundle is coming to Rainbow Six Siege this week!
Stay afloat with Valkyrie's Pool Bundle. Contains the Lifeguard uniform, Sunscreen headgear, Rescue Buoy charm and Flotation Device weapon skin for the MPX.

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So ubi just released an image showcasing the two new operators for the upcoming season ,it's seem like both of them are treasure hunters and they a special gadget which goes along with them also.
One have a grappling hook sort of gadget and one have a breaching sort of gadget

Let me know what you think of these two new ops

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POPULAR Big brain plays

Not my meme, made me laugh though.

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POPULAR Just dropped 18 kills in a ranked match ummm

Im ZXnBss13 i play xbox but i have 2 more acc PFN cyclonics or BOSSMAN4406

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POPULAR The toxicity club

(That take me 2 hours)

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POPULAR R6 Moot profile pics #26

I didn't draw those artworks - I edit them in photoshop with visual effects (like shadow, lights, color, shine, etc) and backgrounds.
Ash requested by Alpha buurito
Cav and Doc requested by BabyGirl
IQ requested by CbXyZ
Kapkan requested by MrLikYoToes
Lion requested by Distrix

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POPULAR R6 Moot profile pics #30

I didn't draw those artworks - I edit them in photoshop with visual effects (like shadow, lights, color, shine, etc) and backgrounds.
Bandit requested by Defaultiest.Soop
Capitao requested by xXcaydenXx
Castle not requested but he deserved a pfp too
Jäger and Sledge requested by Lordofdarkness
Nokk requested by xd luner
Twitch requested by Boogymansole

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POPULAR R6/overwatch painting

I did this painting for my bf last night but I didn't know if I should put it on overwatch or Rainbow so here we are (we painted the overwatch logo together)

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POPULAR Ash is still broken I guess

I was going through my clips and I found this. I love no headshot hitboxes. (Also I know my aim was bad, this was 3 days ago at 5 am so plz no judge)

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Go follow DismredDireWolf (http://moot.us/@Wolfy). We started talking again today and even playing together. He has good skill and callouts (I'm better though *scoff*). Thank's a lot Wolfy! Go follow him, we were discussing and he is gonna post more clips and stuff in the future. Really appreciate this dude, not the pfp though (I really do not like fortnite).

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Anyone have a favorite fan artist for 🌈6️⃣? Mine are from Ganassa and these are why.😍

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POPULAR Headshot percentage?

What's everyone's headshot percentage? My friend said his is lower than mine because he's played more, but lately my headshot percentage has been up the more I play. Odd...
Anyway, I'm curious to find out what everyone's headshot percentage is. Don't be embarrassed to show, stats don't always matter, and you can still be a good fragger with low headshot percentage :)

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POPULAR Clips #1

I am sorry I haven't posted a clip in a while 😅

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POPULAR Where's the hostage 🤔

Follow me for more clips and memes
I follow back 👌

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POPULAR SupremeSiege Applications Are Now Open ‼️🕋📝

What is The SupremeSiege you might wonder ? Glad you asked ; The SupremeSiege is a R6 based Unit that resides within the DoubleM Organization. SupremeSiege is more than just a team but a family of individuals that play R6 , it is a home for both casual and serious players of the game. There is plenty of things in store for you once you become a part of The SupremeSiege ! We currently have a small roster and are looking to fill various spots to strengthen our numbers. This is a group for everyone and anyone regardless of what others may think , here you will always be respected and welcomed. If this opportunity interest you then feel free to click the link box below to fill out an application and shoot your shot at becoming a member today !

Thanks for reading , 𝘽𝙡𝙚𝙨𝙨. 🛐___________________________________________________________

#64 #SupremeSiege #SupremeSiegeApplication

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POPULAR Which Ranking is More Toxic?

So I'm curious, over the 4 years of me playing siege, I've had the experience to play in every ranking and every single tier within each ranking. I have some opinions based on the gameplay for each rank and also communication level in each rank as well as the toxicity. But I wanna known what yall think is the most toxic ranking and why.

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