Pizza slime.

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POPULAR Pull the trigger or not? (NOT mine)

Found this artwork in pinterest. Couldn't find the original artist sadly. If you know him/her pls let me know. Is it just me or does she look like Chloe from Life Is Strange?

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POPULAR Full Reveal Video for both Nøkk & Warden (Official Video Y4S2)

https://youtu.be/S3PjNJsYyEM (Credit goes to The Rainbow Channel on YouTube for the video)

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POPULAR Join the artpolice "Artwatch"

Greetings fellow mooters. So I bring good and bad news.
Bad news - I found another art thief in our wonderful moot R6 community but don't worry the matter is solved.
Good news - I offer you all who deeply care about giving credits to the original artists to join the artpolice. Sometimes it can get tricky to prove an art thiefery and that is where you can help! Rules are simple:
* Group chat - look for news if an art thief is detected or if you think you found one - don't hesitate to call.
* You do NOT have to:
search in the internet if an artwork is legit or not - I gonna do it or make any changes to your bio.
* Do NOT act too quickly with negative comments - sometimes it is a really big misunderstanding and we don't wanna make people leave moot. Better to show too much respect than making things really bad.
* How to sign in - just write a comment with that you are interested
Of course if you are a member of the "Artwatch" and get cought stealing artwork you will be removed from the group. Goodnight everyone!

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POPULAR R6 pictures! (Oregon and Skyscraper)

This time with pictures I chose the maps Oregon and Skyscraper! If you want to see a certain map specifically,let me know! <3

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+ Kafe Rework

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POPULAR Say hello to Warden

Pre Discussion is 5h

Tbh I want that watch if they sell it as a merch

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POPULAR Cheating in Siege Needs to Stop!!!

This game has recently sprung a number of bad glitches that are being abused so bad right now. If you haven't come across any yet, check this video out. If you have and you enjoy playing siege the right way please do your part and spread the word. I'm barely able to play ranked right now because it's so bad. Share and like the crap out of this video. The sooner we fix this the better...


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POPULAR My drawing of the invisible operator NØKK

Don’t get your hopes up.

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POPULAR Smh...then he gets scared and quits 😂🤣

Dummy racist teammates run away. I'll handle the job on my own


POPULAR Ok let's settle this, pmm or GSH-18?

Alot of people have strong opinions on this, for me the better gun is definitely the pmm but I'm curious about what you all are thinking

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POPULAR Killing Coppers in Casual


I might start this mini montage series here and post more of them. Nothing against Coppers but I love taking advantage of their lack of situational awareness.

Music used
(A part of) No Reflection-Marilyn Manson

Follow for more!


POPULAR Meet Nøkk (Y4S2 Attacker for Operation Phantom Sight)



Nøkk has been a mystery for quite some time. There is very little that anyone outside Rainbow knows about her. For an accomplished undercover agent whose work remains mostly unrecorded, it is amazing that she has managed to hold onto who she is at her core.

Focused and driven, she uses her special operations training to infiltrate, gather intel and defeat her opponents. As a member of the Jægerkorpset, she strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who goes up against her.

On top of that, she harnesses a spirit of loyalty and leads by example to elevate the people she works with. Unlike the general population, her fellow Operators know who she is and welcome her into the fold. The potential scandal her family might face is of little importance to them; she’s one of the best in her field, and they wouldn’t betray her even if it came to that.

Her gadget is just the icing on the cake for an already dangerous operative. The HEL, which she worked on to improve with specialist Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam, makes Nøkk nothing short of a ghost, and leaves her opponents looking over their shoulders.

Nøkk is joining the Attacking team in Operation Phantom Sight. For more information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter or join the discussion on our subreddit and forums! Visit our Rainbow Six Twitch Channel on May 19th for the full reveal of Operation Phantom Sight during the Pro League Finals, live from Milan, Italy.


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POPULAR Trying to find valk cams outside like

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Ubisoft just dropped the trailer for the new attacker and she looks kinda creepy


Leave your thoughts

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POPULAR Rate that/those outfits #24


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POPULAR Try to read this :D

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POPULAR Simple Guide to "DEFENDERS TO PLAY or AVOID in 2019"

1. Rook
Rook is always useful only if you can remember to put his armor plates on the ground at the beginning of the setup phase. The armor plate boosts a defender's armor rating by two and ensures a bullet wound that takes them below 1 health will put them in down-but-not-out rather than killing them outright unless that last shot is a headshot.
2. Jager
The Magpie defense system can take out two projectiles/round, and Jager has three of them to set up in the objective rooms. This can be a great counter to grenades, stun/smoke/EMP grenades and Fuze's cluster grenades. With Jager, defenders can actually defend the objective.
3. Bandit or Mute
If you are playing Bandit, start out by putting barbed wire and his electrical device in the doorways leading to the objective room. The same goes for Mute using his jammer. This helps prevent drones from finding the objective. Use additional devices against reinforced walls to prevent Thermite or Hibana from burning through them.
1. Castle
His reinforced barricades can be quite annoying to teammates when placed in the wrong doorway or window. You also run the danger of locking defenders out of the objective, and the few seconds it takes to remove the barricade can prevent a proper slice-the-pie of the room.
2. Pulse
A strong operator in the right hands, it's easy to get addicted to his heat-sensing special which makes you more vulnerable to a bullet from a distance.
3. Caveira
Some defenders are designed as roamers rather than "anchors" that primarily defend the objective. Caveira is the hyper-version of these defenders, meant to always roam. She's most effective in the hands of someone who really knows the map, can aim well with her pistol, and who is good at understanding the flow of the game to better know when to go in for the interrogation or simply finish off a downed attacker from a distance.

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POPULAR Have you seen the new 2 ops

Ubisoft have recently tweeted the 2 new ops and they looks kinda cool.

By the looks of them what's your opinion,

Will the upcoming season fixes all the issues and put the game back into its state

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POPULAR Art I found of Bandit checking out a sweet hog.

Very well drawn 👌

LV.20 Nightmare

POPULAR No context

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Here’s my second clip which has clutches, a 9 kill game and potato aim so pls ignore that. Enjoy!

Also how often should I post clips? Is every week ok?

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POPULAR Who should I get?

I'm a bit conflicted on who to get between Jackal and Maverick? Do you guys have any opinions on both of them.
Who should I choose ?

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This is my list that I made if you ask me why a op is where it is I'll tell you

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POPULAR [Repost] R6 Gameplay -1-

Hai guys! Still haven’t gotten my usb yet to transfer some of my new game clips from the psn. So, this is a gameplay repost that I did from my previous account. Hope you guys enjoy!

As Always...Smile and Be Positive :)

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POPULAR First try 👌

I drew this today and got it on my first try also to all the artist's my hands hurt why did you not warn me 👍 I'm just kidding but seriously my hands hurt enjoy the art love you all 💗💗

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POPULAR Jackal Art

Took me awhile on the shading but it looks half decent - I drew this primarily for moot so I would appreciate some likes :)

Thanks Guys - Thanks for the feature :)

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POPULAR Small Teaser for the New Operators

The video by coreross explains more about this teaser. Check it out!

This image popped up on Ubisoft's R6 Twitter Page about an hour ago or so, but no further information as of yet. 👇👇👇

Could this be the long rumored Phantom & Rogue that got leaked a month or so ago? We'll just have to wait and see! Keep your eyes peeled on the News Board for more news about this! 👌

https://youtu.be/ahwTf1htlwE (Credit goes to coreross on YouTube for the video)


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POPULAR The punishment

LV.7 Sharpshooter