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[July 17, 2019] Phantom Sight Test Server Patch Notes

Hello!   We're testing out some balancing changes on the Test Server this week!   Please bear in mind that all changes made in the TS are for testing purposes and do not have any guaranteed impact on the live-servers.   Report any bugs you encounter in the TS to >>   Phantom Sight Patch Notes >>   BALANCING   SHIELD HIP-FIRE   Hip-fire cone increased. We have standardized the hip-fire penalization when you have a Ballistic Shield equipped.   BALLISTIC SHIELD MELEE   Performing a melee attack with a Ballistic Shield equipped will now only injure and DBNO the opponent, instead of killing them.   ECHO   Reduced Yokai Sonic Burst disorientating effect base duration to 7 seconds (down from 10s).   GLAZ   Reduced time it takes to trigger the vision penalty when moving or rotating, lowering the overall vision penalty when moving. Movement time before complete vision is lost is now 6 seconds (up from 2.5s). The speed at which the vision penalty is applied when rotating has also been slowed down.   JACKAL   Reduced the number of pings from a scan to 4 (down from 5). [Edit/Update for clarification] Tracking: Now 20 seconds ping every 4 seconds + ping duration (initial ping + 4 pings). [Further clarification]: Tracking time reduced by 5 seconds. This means that instead of 5 pings (+initial ping) over 25s, it is 4 pings (+initial ping) over 20s.   MAVERICK   Modified breaching torch sound SFX. Breaching torch sounds will now be easier to hear when Maverick is making a hole close to you.   NØKK   Increased Nøkk's ability duration to 12 seconds and increased the refill timer to 12 seconds. With the longer duration, and cooldown, you’ll be able to better leverage her ability.   BUG FIXES   FIXED – Under certain circumstances, after emptying the magazine, weapons cannot be reloaded. FIXED – After joining in progress, any Yokai drones or hacked Mozzie drones outside will not display the jammed VFX to the player who joined midway. FIXED – Missing SFX for Clash when equipping her CCE Shield. FIXED – Sometimes placing Mira’s Mirror on a reinforced wall may not breach both sides of the wall. FIXED – Players can spawn peek the Docks. FIXED – Starting any situation after completing a Custom Online game will start a Thunt Lone Wolf on the same map and mode as the Custom Online game. FIXED – Players are unable to reconnect to a Ranked session via the dynamic Play button and remain in queue unless they relaunch. RFF Continued chip damage to an individual from another teammate over several rounds will stack RFF points more quickly. Putting a teammate into DBNO will now activate RFF and system willr respond accordingly if teammate is revived or bleeds out.   IDLE KICK TIMER   Idle kick warning timer will display 10 seconds before a kick.

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