Don't Miss The Season Reveal!!
Make sure to tune in today for the Operation Ember Rise Season Reveal! More information will be shown about Amaru & Goyo, plus their gadgets and weapons, and also, the Kanal Rework.

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New Twitch Prime Skins

the caveira and jackal are coming between Aug 15th and Nov 17th

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New Mira elite!

I think it looks pretty dope!

here’s our fb for memes and such



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Now that smoke has an elite 2 of the four original CTUS all have elite skins

And the 2 that don’t are castle and Monty

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POPULAR Mira Elite Leaked???

Not sure how true this is, but I just saw this and to me, I was not expecting the Mira Elite (if that is what this is) to look like this. Take this with a grain of salt, as it might not be true, but I wanted to share it with all of you to get your take on it. Comments are open for discussion!

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Smoke elite skin is now out

New Elite Set: Smoke 'Sanguine Arsenic'
Smoke's Elite Set is now available in-game. Unlock the Sanguine Arsenic uniform, victory animation, gadget skin for his Compound Z8 Grenades and weapon skin for the FMG-9, M590A1, P226 MK 25 and SMG-11 as well as the Elite Smoke Chibi charm.

globe_with_meridians Read more:
YouTube Trailer:

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New operation Full reveal August 18 R6

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Smoke Elite Set Official

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Operation ember rise
We know the gagets what about there speed weapons equipment (breach charge smoke.....) What would you have.

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Meet the Elite of hydrogen and arsenic


Twitch Prime - New Siege Packs Available

Just saw on there this week is a twitch prime set for ASH, next Operators in the pack is CAV then JACKAL & an Ultra Mega Fan charm too. Website details say this;
Unlock the exclusive operator sets with Twitch Prime and unique in-game items between Aug. 15th and Nov. 17th

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POPULAR R6 Siege Twitch Prime Collection (New on the Six)

Starting August 15th, Twitch Prime members can claim the Twitch Prime Collection Packs during three different drop windows. The Ash Operator Set is coming to Rainbow Six Siege this week!

The packs contain three Twitch-exclusive operator sets for Ash, Caveira and Jackal. Each pack will only be available for one month, so be sure to get in and claim your operator set today! Each pack will include headgear, uniforms, weapon skin and unique charm for that month's operator, and the final month will also include an R6 Ultra Mega Fan Charm. The promotion will end of November 17th, 2019.

The three drop windows are as follows: 
Drop 1: Ash Operator Set (August 15th - September 15th) 
Drop 2: Caveira Operator Set (September 16th - October 16th) 
Drop 3: Jackal Operator Set + R6 Ultra Mega Fan Charm. (October 17th - November 17th)

You can find more details about the Twitch Prime operator sets here:

To redeem, must own Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, link Ubisoft and Twitch Prime Accounts, and claim each drop between 8/15/19 and 11/17/19. ONLY SOME IN-GAME ITEMS AVAILABLE AT PROMOTION LAUNCH; ITEMS ONLY AVAILABLE DURING CLAIM WINDOWS. Must own operators to use in-game items. Final content/release dates subject to change. Content may be available separately after promotion. Valid in wherever Twitch Prime is available. Limit 1 per account. Restrictions apply. Void where prohibited. (Credit goes to Ubisoft North America's YouTube Channel for the video)

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New Smoke Elite Skin (Official Trailer)

The Elite Smoke Bundle is coming to Rainbow Six Siege this week!


Smoke's Elite set is now available. Unlocks the Sanguine Arsenic uniform, victory animation, gadget skin for his Compound Z8 Grenades and weapon skin for the FMG-9, M590A1, P226 MK 25 and SMG-11 as well as the Elite Smoke Chibi charm. (Credit goes to Ubisoft North America's YouTube Channel for the video)

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Two new gadgets

Which one do you prefer full reveal on 18th

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POPULAR Operator Names For Operation Ember Rise (Amaru & Goyo)

Back some time ago, the Russian Twitter Account for R6 Siege sent out a tweet, detailing what the next season would be called and also, where you could tune in to see the official Season Reveal, which will be held at the Raleigh Majors on August 18th. But one thing that was mentioned, and it was a HUGE mention, were the names of the new operators. The names are Amaru and Goyo, and one is from Peru, the other is from Mexico. Here is that screenshot from their Twitter (The post has since been removed, therefore, no link could be provided)
Translated version of the tweet:
Operation Ember Rise will begin very soon - the next series of innovations is just around the corner!
Amaru and Goyo will appear in Rainbow Six - new operators from Peru and Mexico, who will make the gameplay even more diverse. The Kanal map will also be fully updated.
More on the finals of #RaleighMajor!
This season is shaking up to be filled with some crazy stuff, including those new gadgets that were shown in a video earlier today, plus Kanal is getting a rework as well. Be tuned in to the Raleigh Majors to watch the unveiling of the brand new season, Operation Ember Rise, happening on August 18th! Mark your calendars, because you don't wanna miss a single second!

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Raleigh major twitch drops, info.

This is for those who are confused about when you can start earning your twitch charms for the Raleigh major twitch stream.

You can only start earning the charms on the playoff days. August 16th - August 18th

Make sure to link your accounts so you can earn the charms. :)
Hope this helps anyone who was wondering.

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R6 new ops teaser

Watch "Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Ember Rise – New Operator Gadgets Teaser" on YouTube

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Gadget reveal for Ember Rise

Watch "Gadget Reveal - CG Trailer - Ember Rise - AMARU & GOYO - 6News - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" on YouTube

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POPULAR Garra Hook and Volcan Shield R&D

Harry -

I understood that our new Operator’s grappling hook made her fast, but I never expected it would have that much of an effect on the pacing of our training matches. In less experienced hands (mine), the Garra Hook is a slightly-more-convenient way of scaling a wall or breaking through a barricaded window. But for her, it’s an extension of her body. The way she swings her legs, the way she tucks her arms into her sides, everything is geared toward making her as agile as possible. I made the mistake of challenging her, one-on-one. Then for a rematch. Each time, she took me down from an angle I wasn’t expecting, with a speed I couldn’t adapt to. I have to adapt to it.

My only consolation is that she works best when her opponents are distracted. If she goes charging in, she’s going to get a bullet to the face. And she’ll deserve it. But for now, with her unpredictability, she’s set to turn our whole routine upside down. I can’t wait.

Our other new Operator is a special one. He’s quiet, but thoughtful. I’m not surprised his invention is the same. In both cases, if you underestimate or misjudge he’ll be on you like lightning.

I appreciate fielding another defense that more than one person can use. We have our cameras, and we need to check them, but the Volcán gives us something else to keep an eye on. Plus, it’s impressive. Smoke’s “toxic babes” keep people at bay, and do it well, but an unexpected explosion causes a split-second of disorientation that leaves you vulnerable to attack. When I’m right there behind my mirror, protected from the blast, that split-second is all I need.

You asked if they’re ready. They are. As for how they’re going to change the way we approach each other, we’ll just have to wait and see.

-- Specialist Elena “Mira” María Álvarez, Rainbow R&D Director

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POPULAR Gadget Trailer for Operation Ember Rise (Credit goes to Ubisoft North America's YouTube Channel for the video)

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Year 4 Season 3 leaks

LV.2 Lurker 4d

First Look Operation Ember Rise

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New season, New meta

Yep another season is coming out and im late with this news. im sorry for how late i am and for the less posting. heres the new season and the date from an admin in the official rainbow six siege discord.

r6news Year 4 Season 3 revealed as Operation Ember Rise
Year 4 Season 3's operation has been confirmed as Operation Ember Rise.

A full reveal will take place on Sunday 18th August 2019 at 13:30 EDT, just before the final at the Raleigh Major. @R6News

Twitter Link to the announcement:
Twitch Link to the stream for the reveal:
clock3 Time for the reveal in your timezone:

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Rainbow Six Siege drops mystic Operation Ember Rise teaser

Ubisoft has dropped the first tease of its latest Rainbow Six Siege update, Operation Ember Rise.
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has locked down the first teaser for its upcoming Operation Ember Rise expansion, soon headed to Ubisoft's hit tactical shooter. Maintaining its seasonal rotation of free content updates, the latest drop further strengthens its multiplayer offerings, on track for an August 18 unveiling. While revisiting a fan-favorite locale, tease of two new Latin American Operators look to diversify the counterterrorism lineup.
Tailing last season's ghostly Operation Phantom Sight, the forthcoming Year 4 Season 3 expansion premieres the game's first Mexican and Peruvian Operators. Former teasers allude to two recruits seasoned in anti-drug and antiquity trafficking operations across South America, now joining the Rainbow roster.
Ubisoft dropped the first formal teaser for the upcoming season via Twitter, confirming the previously-leaked Operation Ember Rise title.
Our first teaser aligns with prior Ember Rise leaks, detailing a new grappling hook-equipped attacker alongside defender with an ignitable deployable shield. The former would provide new verticality to climb hatches, while the shield will drop a fiery blaze once destroyed. The glimpse at both Operators showcases what could be these rumored gadgets mounted on their rears, while huddled around a campfire.
The next season of Rainbow Six Siege is on track for a full unveiling live from the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals in Raleigh, North Carolina on August 18, 2019. Ubisoft's "DLC Reveal & Esports Panel" is scheduled for 1:30 PM ET (10:30 AM PT / 6:30 PM UK / 7:30 PM CET) concluding a week of high-stakes esports action.

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Anybody else don't want to wait until Sunday please like this comment


Operation Modelo Time

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Operation Ember Rise

The two new operators’ names are Amaru and Goyo. One coming from Peru, and the other coming from Mexico

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POPULAR Valkyrie Pool Bundle Is Coming To Siege!

The Valkyrie Pool Bundle is coming to Rainbow Six Siege this week!
Stay afloat with Valkyrie's Pool Bundle. Contains the Lifeguard uniform, Sunscreen headgear, Rescue Buoy charm and Flotation Device weapon skin for the MPX.

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