LOB LOB LV.23 Warrior
May 14, 2019, 02:46 PM 1,550 read

Simple Guide to "DEFENDERS TO PLAY or AVOID in 2019"

PLAY: 1. Rook Rook is always useful only if you can remember to put his armor plates on the ground at the beginning of the setup phase. The armor plate boosts a defender's armor rating by two and ensures a bullet wound that takes them below 1 health will put them in down-but-not-out rather than killing them outright unless that last shot is a headshot.   2. Jager The Magpie defense system can take out two projectiles/round, and Jager has three of them to set up in the objective rooms. This can be a great counter to grenades, stun/smoke/EMP grenades and Fuze's cluster grenades. With Jager, defenders can actually defend the objective.   3. Bandit or Mute If you are playing Bandit, start out by putting barbed wire and his electrical device in the doorways leading to the objective room. The same goes for Mute using his jammer. This helps prevent drones from finding the objective. Use additional devices against reinforced walls to prevent Thermite or Hibana from burning through them.  

AVOID: 1. Castle His reinforced barricades can be quite annoying to teammates when placed in the wrong doorway or window. You also run the danger of locking defenders out of the objective, and the few seconds it takes to remove the barricade can prevent a proper slice-the-pie of the room.   2. Pulse A strong operator in the right hands, it's easy to get addicted to his heat-sensing special which makes you more vulnerable to a bullet from a distance.   3. Caveira Some defenders are designed as roamers rather than "anchors" that primarily defend the objective. Caveira is the hyper-version of these defenders, meant to always roam. She's most effective in the hands of someone who really knows the map, can aim well with her pistol, and who is good at understanding the flow of the game to better know when to go in for the interrogation or simply finish off a downed attacker from a distance.

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