Ima sry

I'm making this post becouse in last days I lost several followers and I want to make everything clear.
I'm not dead.
I apologise for my inactivity but I don't really have time for drawing stuff.
Pls don't unfollow me I will post something eventually.
Thanks guys for being my followers, I will try to comeback as soon as possible.
Dms me or leave a comment of u got any questions.

Also I'm putting this on Art tab in siege couse my whole account is only about that tab.

LV.21 OPFOR 1mo

If you were wondering..

Sorry to promote (if this is even promoting) but just in case you were wondering, I’ve been doing “Inktober” on my second account. I probably won’t post at all for October but if you want to see some drawings...yea!😊✍️

LV.21 Breacher 1mo

Art Request for Mah Channel

Heya, just seeing if anyone has some cool Monty art they'd lend me for my channel, and it will be credited ofc. Digital please :) if not it's cool tho

LV.7 Nomad 1mo

My twist on Hibana

LV.8 Bamboozled 1mo

Giant alibi picture

This is a giant alibi picture it is 12 peace’s of paper taped to gether and go easy on me this is my first time doing anything like this

LV.3 Lurker 1mo

Other people’s trigger finger vs mine

LV.6 Big Chungus 1mo

POPULAR My bandit drawing

Bandit is my favourite character so I decided to draw him!

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joyn my discord community!

joyn my discord community!

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LV.8 So Scary 1mo

Bit bored

Im getting a bit bored of Rainbow so im probably gonna be drawing something Destiny related

LV.8 Hunter 1mo

POPULAR Ela truly does like to consume

if you’d like one of these, just ask :) I’ll just need a picture of the thing you want her to eat 😤😳

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POPULAR Doc logo painting!

Sorry it took so long to post, I was, you know, in Spain......hope you like it!

LV.26 Walked the Plank 1mo

So, I'm thinking about cosplaying as some ops, and I have ideas, but I need help!

I'd like to cosplay as some of the ops from Rainbow, but I need help with creating them. Does anyone know of some resources of helmets, shields, clothing, or anything that would help me make them? I'd like to cosplay as either Thermite, Monty, Mozzie, Glaz, Tachanka, Kapkan, or Doc. If anyone finds any resources, please lmk.

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All Of My R6 Icon Attempts.

LV.3 Lurker 1mo

Fucking left of course cuz my favorite character

LV.4 Fast as Lightning 1mo


LV.4 Fast as Lightning 1mo

POPULAR Cav & Valk Cosplay

Our Favriote Defenders for intel!
Some Great Cosplay!
Show the Artist's some Love! <3
Credit : Alex_Zedra (CAV) (Valk)
Give me a follow for daily memes, fan art and cosplay!
Give our Rainbow Six SIege Community server a try.
Requirements. PC | EU | Language : English | 16+ | Mic |
Discord :

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Inktober R6 Day 4!

Game Freeze!
This topic stumped me a bit ngl 🤔 but i hope you guys understand the concept and joke! :P ❄☃️
(Also, i added a sketch of Frost drinking a milkshake and getting a game freeze :D) #inktober

LV.20 Lets Play DBD! 2mo

Also not mine just cool

LV.5 GG 2mo

This isn’t mine but boy is it good

LV.5 GG 2mo


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Inktober R6 Day 3!

Hahaha, i got caught up with school so I'm a bit behind. I'm gonna try to catch up and maybe do day 4-6 in Chibi drawings, that said.
Day 3 is Bait! A little Recruit being baited by traps. I wanted to draw Recruit as the Jebaited emote, but i felt like doing traps was a better R6 twist. #inktober

LV.20 Lets Play DBD! 2mo


LV.3 Lurker 2mo


Is there anyway to get rid of posts like ePic cLash ClUtch because i want to post my art but i dont see the point if its just going to get buried underneath stupid posts that have nothing to do with art.

LV.7 Nomad 2mo

I did a smoke concept art of his gadget

LV.3 Big Chungus 2mo


LV.6 Champion 2mo

LOL! Remover this

LV.6 Creeper 2mo

R6 Valky

Started drawing Valks operator icon, good start or bad start i wont be offended

LV.8 Hunter 2mo