Banner for Rook is thiccer

Here you go man! I got your banner done for ya! Hope you enjoy it and if you want any changes done to it later on, I will gladly do so!

verified LV.35 Mod 20d

Banner for Tobias Reiper

Here you go! If there is anything I can change on it, let me know and I will be glad to do it! Hope you enjoy!

verified LV.35 Mod 20d

Pizza Time!

Not mine

LV.19 Pokémon Master 20d

So, what do you guys think about this? :3

Took me some time to finish

LV.5 Shotcaller 20d


LV.4 Lurker 20d

Banner for SoSalty04

Here you go! If I need to make any changes, let me know! I hope you enjoy it!

verified LV.35 Mod 20d

I'm a person

LV.5 Dragon 20d


This is one of my quick drawings of mute in black and white. Comment if you want me to redo the drawing in grayscale!

LV.3 Deadeye 20d

POPULAR All year 3 operators!

Credit to: Mart Virkus

LV.20 S 20d

POPULAR Sorry for the lack of posts but hope you like it

LV.16 Sharpshooter 20d


This drawing of Nomad’s icon is by far my favorite because of how well I think it turned out and how satisfying it was to draw. Lemme know what you think and have a great day/night 😁👍

LV.16 Bandit 21d


Thank you! 20 to reach 💯! There we go!
a Bandit Wallpaper as a gift!😉❤

LV.14 OPFOR 21d

POPULAR Drew this one as well

Like a lot tho :3

LV.5 Shotcaller 21d

I was playing and decided to draw something :T

Still working on signature BTW

LV.5 Shotcaller 21d

Ela r6s icon

Someone recommended this on my mozzie drawing so here it is your welcome and give me some other things to draw.

LV.4 Lurker 21d

Done drawing

LV.5 Bandit 21d

Not Mine But A Close Friends

What do you guys think?!

LV.5 Elite Four 21d

🙏thanks @gatorboy45 for this great new banner

Btw if you haven’t already go add my boy

LV.20 Clearly Hacking 21d

Who else liked the road to SI art?

LV.4 Lurker 21d

I drew Ying, inspired by @sau_siege

LV.22 Monster 21d

My new drawing

LV.7 OPFOR 21d

Ah Shaiße, jetzt geht es wieder los

Jäger I drew from memory on Deutsch lesson

LV.11 Clearly Hacking 22d

Should of used protection like rook said (by peri_pericote on Instagram)

LV.7 Nomad 22d

My Instagram logo

I made this logo awhile ago and I thought I'd put it up here to plug my insta as well @kavx.r6 I make logos for a cheap price

LV.5 Clearly Hacking 22d

Well hello there Elite Hibana, I think im in love ♥️ ;D (not that I wasn't already, lmfao)

Found her surfing the wild interwebs. Love me some anime style R6S art 👌 I can't be the only one right? xD

LV.20 Nightmare 22d

POPULAR Black ice airsoft

Made my own black ice cuz ubi wont give me one (finished product)

LV.12 Dragon 22d

Lion and finka Icon QuickDraw

Messed up on lion a bit. However these are still my favorite icons yet

LV.15 I'm a Bot 22d

Warden Icon QuickDraw

LV.15 I'm a Bot 22d

Nokk Icon QuickDraw

LV.15 I'm a Bot 22d

Dokkaebi Art

LV.15 I'm a Bot 22d