Should I...

This is for the art work below

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Suggestion Drawing...Done!

Thanks for the suggestions...I stayed up pretty late to get this done soo here!

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Caveria gamerpic

My caveria gamerpic

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R4c and mp5

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Caveira's m12

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I bored in the lesson and i writed this in the desk.

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LV.3 Lurker 15d

Let’s keep it Art thievery Free! (Not art I know)

For now it is gone 👀

LV.13 Freedom! 15d

When you get spawn peaked

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Maestro drawing


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The four posts below me

Choose the right board please cause there are people down there who want to be seen and you are flooding the chat with these useless comment and a good meme so use the right board

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Hey you want gamer boy farts

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I am level 2.I am pro gamer.

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Poopy face

Plz send something cool

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Your trying to clutch But your teammates

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I’m doing all of your suggestions! I will be doing all of your suggestions so we are doing

Recruit,the lord,hibana,lesion,alibi all interacting with each other so I’ll be writing the names of the suggesters(is that how I should say it?) above their suggestion.Don’t worry teevon,I’ll be doing ash for you since doing mixed is waaaaay too hard for me.Thanks for the suggestions and now it is time to have insomnia!

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I’ll draw for you

Comment an operator to draw and I will draw it and post it( From before but now so more people can see it

LV.13 Bandit 15d

Cool drawing

I didn’t draw it but I liked it a lot when I came across it

LV.4 Lurker 15d

POPULAR Ela /w smoothie and stuff

It didn't turn out quite the way I wanted but I'm still really happy with it ^^ Took a while to finish that.

Close up on Ela:
Close up on lads in the background:
I'm sure you recognize the chick on the right, but can u guess the others?

WIP pics:
I have some time for the next 3 hours so if you have any suggestions for what I could draw, let me know in the comments ^^ Maybe I'll doodle some chibis!

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Thank you!!

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Mystic 556’s request

Thank you for requesting this picture!

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Art suggestion

Mystic 556 (sorry if I spelt it wrong) suggested I draw hibana I am currently drawing her right now.

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Gender swap mute (not mine)

LV.4 Lurker 15d

Cool Artwork (not mine)

I was wondering if anyone knew who made this artwork, because I would love to buy some more from them with a different operator.

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I’ll draw for you

Comment on this post and I’ll draw one operator for you(winner will be decided by the 8:00 tonighj

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POPULAR R6 Moot profile pics #27

I didn't draw those artworks - I edit them in photoshop with visual effects (like shadow, lights, color, shine, etc) and backgrounds.
Ash and Jäger requested by gamer5672016
Ela and Caveira requested Cebolla:)
Echo requested by Jacaojamy
Lesion requested by Onyx_bromadness2
Tachanka requested by Maddogjmm
Thatcher requested by Spain_SGA


verified LV.28 Shadow 15d

Old Mozzie drawing

I haven’t had the time to draw an individual drawing and since I put up a pole I wanted to fulfill the request soooo here!

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Anyone have a favorite fan artist for 🌈6️⃣? Mine are from Ganassa and these are why.😍

LV.5 Breacher 16d