Project 4: not finished carving jäger in bee wax

I just wanted to do something different than drawing i hope you guts like it

I know he isnt that detailed but its very hard to carve something in wax without screwing up the finished parts

comment your thougts below

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POPULAR Tried to do better version of my logo

I think its cool


Valkyrie is always watching 👀 👀

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Banner For ItsyaboiMaestro

Here you go man! Hope you enjoy it and if there is any changes you want made to it, I will gladly do so!

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POPULAR My Friend and I did a little art on the board...

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I don’t know the artist,so if you do please tell me

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My main boi

I have a question. Why does blitz always get banned in pick and ban?



Haven’t done one of these in a little bit so I thought I would come back to it and I drew Doc the operator that I really don’t like to 1v1. Have a great day/night 😁

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Follow Xer0z. on YT for R6 monatges with great music. Competitive and ESL player

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The first game I bought for the ps4 was r6 ❤️

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Should I make one of those

Tell me in the comments

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Credit to ReVesS903


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Just made a 3d printed r6 logo.

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Anyone able to do digital art and a favor?

So me and my friend started up a clan but we need a logo still

It’s called BackFire so be creative and come up with something for that

Also if your interested in joining dm me so I can invite you to the discord!! Thanks love y’all

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The lord

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Flying Ace Jäger (by sun-stark)

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POPULAR Thatcher Art

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I came up with this idea. It is an attacking operator called Swift with 1 armour and 3 speed. The ability is that for 7 seconds, Swift will go from a 3 speed to essentially a 4 speed, which is not a thing but will just give Swift a boost as if it were a 4 speed. What do you think???

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Smoke uwu

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This will make you feel UwU

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POPULAR Drew an R6 Anime?

Took me a while to draw it, but I'm finally done ^^

I tried to make a gif that looks like a fragment from anime. I think it turned out pretty well ^^

Let me know what do you think about it!

Here are some Work In Progress pics:

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It's cha boi, back again with the anime R6S finds ;D

What can I say? They just seem to find me. Pretty sure the girl is from the "Girls Frontline" game. Bang! xD

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Do u like it ? If u like it and want more join our discord server

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I haven’t posted in a long time but I’m happy to be back I’m planning to start posting more :) (picture isn’t mine credits to the artist)

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Finding a Partner 😂

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Banner for @Unclear48426

So I hope the background and operator matches the imagination of "unclear". This will be my last banner for today or maybe for the next days. Sry.
@Unclear48426 - if you want any changes on it let me know.

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Banner for ThicxEla

Hope you like it. @ThicxEla - if you want any changes on it let me know.

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