My gf drawing not mine


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The sunglasses skin

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U like jazz

Ur gay

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My Alibi fan art

Thank you for the likes on the Tachanka art

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POPULAR I love the new ops :P

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POPULAR 40 Follower Tachanka

Thank you very much for 40 followers. I know it’s considered a small number but it’s a lot to me. I’m gonna make something better for this. But since it’s been a little bit, I made Tachanka. Thank you once again :)

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Mira and Jackal :)

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R6S Tachanka turret fan art

Fan art made for Tachanka mains and the Lord Tachanka himself.

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R6s lion ee-one-d fan art. Your timer starts now.

I'm new to fan art but I really enjoy it. If you have any questions or feedback post it in the comments and I'll answer any questions as soon as I can. Sorry about the grainy picture.

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3rd interpol operator

Birth 12/25/85
Born in Montreal, Canada. Sally grew up in a military family. Sally lived to explore and hunt when she was 11 years old which sally experience for snipers. Sally joined the military when she was 18 years old. She became a sergant in 5 years and got the name S.S. Snow. She retired after 7 years in the core. She joined interpol 2 years after retiring and became a well respected member.

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Lord Tachanka art

This is my first post hope you like it

Pls like

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POPULAR I did my best :)

I have attempted to draw almost every operator logos in the game. Hope you like it ;)

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Drew IQ's elite skin because it seemed easy enough. Not a fan of the style but i like the ink.

Support me:
IG: Wolfhd_arts
TTV: Wolfhd_21

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2nd interpol operator (redo)

Ella Andersen
Code name: taccioht
Birth 11/26/87
Born in Dublin, ireland. Ella's mother died during birth, her dad and 2 brothers abused her until she ran away when she was 13 years old
She went into the system and was found by a happy cop family. Which made her join interpol at 20. Because of her biological dad and brothers she despised men and became a lesbian. She meet her wife, Sara at galway. After 7 years in interpol, she meet zeth and he changed her view on men because he supported her feminism and it made her happy

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POPULAR Ela Halloween Costume

She did amazing with this cosplay 😍😍😍

Credit: u/iona_107

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My fan made operator (re doned)

Operation hellfire
Birth 1/11/1988
Born in Mexico, but raised in texas, US. His father moved to mexico to stop corruption the western way. His father never took a bribe and was killed by mexican drug lords when zethwas 3 months old. His mother took from mexico to texas. When Zeth was 22, he joined interpol and went back to mexico to finish what his father started. He meet his wife, rosa at monclova and married her 6 months later. 3 years later after joining interpol, he meet his new partner, Ella and became an excellent detective. 4 years after meeting rosa, she was murdered and Zeth found out that she was 4 months pregnant in the autopsy report. He found and track the drug lords who hired the hitmen to kill him. Ella saved him from suicide by talking to him. When rainbow asked interpol for 4 of there best members, zeth signed up and r6 knew of his condition but couldn't turn down such a powerful operator. Him, ella and 2 others joined rainbow.
Psychology report:
2 weeks after joining rainbow, Zeth seemed chipper and like his old self again. He spends a lot of time with Taina "Caveira" Pereira.
Gadget report:
When Zeth came to me with an idea, I was surprised. His idea was to make sonic arrows. It's like Olivier "lion" Flament drone except smaller radius and on a arrow tip. I asked where he got the idea from and he said "An old friend grandpa was a native American and I'm tired of lion's drone" when I turned to look back at him he was gone like the wind. It creeped me out.
Dr. Elena Maria Alvarez

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POPULAR Adorable OP Chibis!!!

Not mine but so adorable!

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POPULAR Lord on his throne...

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What levels are you guys I'm only a level 61

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I will draw dokkaebi. It will fail spectacularly but I will do my best. ^___^

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Smoke in his league skin

Me like

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My project for my engineering class is based off of my favorite update.

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What is up with Farrella like huh, I hate how it is set up but I fragg out whenever I play it.

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Meg Turney Is Awesome

Definitely look her up, as she cosplays alot.. which I forget about till a few days ago, as I remember her being a announcer and such.

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Trash Thermite Drawing

What do yall think?

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Jager Chibi

Just a wittwe Jager drawing

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Not finished yet but we'll on the way.

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Here is a picture I did tell me what you think

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POPULAR Caveira Cosplay (narine_fox)

Make sure to go check out more of her stuff on her Instagram page! She is amazing and honestly, it's the one of the best Caveira Cosplays I've seen in quite some time. 👈 (Link to the original post) 👈 (Link to her Instagram Page)

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YouTube Edit

Have a look at the edit of a 5 man, it would be appreciated if you could like the video! Don’t know if it’s classed as art but hopefully.

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