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Feb 8, 2019, 07:28 PM 1,702 read

Art: How to post right

Hello Mooters! Recently there were some problems with stealing art and sometimes it got out of hands. Sometimes it was an accident and sometime not. To prevent further mistakes like that read the tips for posting art the right way.

Artwork not from you: I don’t say that you can’t upload an art from another artist but you should not claim to be yours. I ask you to write down the artist name in the title or description. If you can't find the original artist then atleast write down "Not mine" or something like that. Also a link to the orgininal artwork would be appreciated. Getting credits for art you have not done by yourself is just wrong and make you a c*nt. There are mods and other Mooters who will do research if you try to steal an artwork. Btw. if people think this is your drawing please correct them. Everyone makes mistakes.   Your own artwork: If you do upload you own painting make sure that you write down your name so nobody else will steal it and claim to be his/her own. Bringing new artworks is a good act aslong as it is really yours!   Thanks for reading this. Have a nice day fellow Mooters! #guidedulkros

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