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Finka’s Stand Card (JJBA Format)


I was requested to make a Stand Card for Finka & here it is. I’ll keep the explanation of each stat simple & to the point. Power (C) - Although it enhances movement/ADS/health/stun effects, its main drawback is that Lesion can nullify the ability + Smoke’s gas canisters do more damage Growth (D) - There really isn’t any synergy with this gadget rather than a coordinated push or reviving a teammate from distance. Precision (B) - It’s on activation but the fact that Mute can jam your adrenal activation puts it in B. Durability (C) - You only get three uses of it for 10 seconds, making it a combined 30 seconds. In relation to the round time, it is only 14% ~ 16% of the time in a round. Range (A) - Self explanatory, she can activate this ability from anywhere on the map & doesn’t need to have teammates next to her to get the effect. Speed (B) - Adrenal surges help with faster movement through barbed wire & can nullify Ela’s / Echo’s stun abilities.

Rainbow Six: Art - Finka’s Stand Card (JJBA Format) image 2

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  • SoapySalmon LV.3 Lurker Jun 16, 2020, 03:04 PM

    oh nice, you found the stand circle