Banner For Xero_R6

Here is your banner! If you would like me to make any changes to it, please let me know! Hope you enjoy it!

verified LV.36 Mod 1h


I’ve been wanting to start drawing siege ops but I never feel like I’m good enough at drawing so.. here’s a start but probably not a finish

LV.6 Shadow 2h

R6 Moot profile pics #6

Maverick requested by FatherWaluigi, EdgyKnave 2 and Ur mum BTW
Mira requested by Cinnamon Toast Fuck
Nokk requested by ima taco cat

Now I am exhausted for today ;D

verified LV.27 Professional Noob 3h

R6 Moot profile pics #5

Ash requested by Saro
Blitz requested by Jaxon8281
Caveira requested by Memphis_Likes_TURTLE
Fuze requested by MrBlue521
Hibana requested by Wyguyplayz and Atomic_Eric357
Lesion requested by Gameplayerking1

verified LV.27 Professional Noob 3h

Nice picture

LV.2 Lurker 14h

my first pixel drawing

this took FOREVER to make, so I hope you enjoy it.

LV.22 Sweaty 15h

Alibi Blue Outfit!

I worked for a while

LV.5 Bomb Defuser 20h

Who do I do next

Here are the ops ive drawn so far who should I do next

LV.5 Lurker 21h

Created this in school 🤷‍♂️

LV.3 Lurker 1d

I may not be able to play it but I can draw it 😛

LV.4 Let’s play R6! 1d

R6 Moot profile pics #4

Bandit requested by HighCaliberZ
Hibana requested by VixenEmpress15
Finka requested by Phoenix x_x
Maverick requested by デビッドフレッチャー and Nudlz2854
Twitch requested by MΛƬƬƧПIPΣZZ
Zofia requested by Andres Estrada
Blackbeard requested by Sierra_Hulk


verified LV.27 Professional Noob 1d

This nokk pic though

It's dope

LV.2 Lurker 1d

Alibi OC

I’m gonna do it in inverted colors!Hope you guys like it!

LV.5 Bomb Defuser 1d

Zofia of vengerberg (NOT mine!)

Found this while searching material for a profile pic and I had to share it. The artist of this beautiful artist is @BlurrySquids on Twitter (source below).
Anyone else immediately notice which character was combined here with zofia?

verified LV.27 Professional Noob 1d

Ela Recolor

The skin color is wrong,I’m just bad

LV.5 Bomb Defuser 1d

Gsg9 art

I think its kinda cool

LV.12 Try Hard 1d

Made this for @gatorboy45




It my Ela oc, I worked a hour on it,how is it?

andddddd.....I forgot my name

LV.5 Bomb Defuser 1d

I'm back from vacation (BTW I was dumb enough to leave my phone at home)

LV.17 Sharpshooter 2d

(: any ideas on what to draw next?

LV.8 Nomad 2d

It's just a sketch of a project I'm working on tomorrow

LV.4 Assassin 2d


My attempt at g2 I tried.

LV.10 Team Player 2d

Who wants one of these photos

LV.20 S 2d

Wow this is way to cute look at cav

LV.5 Lurker 2d

So cute

LV.5 Lurker 2d

R6 Moot profile pics #3

Jäger requested by Shotdown567
Lesion requested by HypeR^
Jackal requested by Ꮆ∪ᙢᗹᎯḼḼ
Clash icon requested by Schlungus Dip
Want your own profile picture for moot? Write a comment in that post and I will reply as soon as possible

verified LV.27 Professional Noob 2d

Banner For YouTube Flawless

Here you go man! Hope you enjoy it and if you need me to make any changes to it, please let me know!

verified LV.36 Mod 2d

New YouTube Banner

LV.4 Lurker 2d

Check out this cool wallpaper!

LV.6 Bamboozled 2d

Chibi Ela

LV.4 Lurker 2d