I made mute a while ago after tachanka but forgot to post. Is it good? And who should I try to draw next

LV.7 Try Hard 32 minutes ago

1k Recap 🎉

Once again thanks for 1k + followers.
Thought I'd post a all the siege art I've done while I've grown from 1 follower to 1,000...

Except a Siege video from me later today. 😉

Maybe a Fortnite one too if I'm feeling it for all the Fortnite stans out there lol.


verified LV.22 OPFOR 41 minutes ago

Maverick move fire behind him look School

LV.5 Lurker an hour ago

I found my mira charm again

LV.18 OPFOR 3 hours ago

Mute Drawing(using drawing tablet

#mute so... what do you think?

I apologize for not doing anything during this time but that's what I drew

LV.9 I’m the champion! 3 hours ago

Kaid Operator Icon Electroclaw Deployed

LV.2 Lurker 7 hours ago

Jäger when he gets his ACOG back (Not mine)

Credits to Liya Bognat in ArtStation:
This is how I imagine Jäger getting his beloved ACOG back - but we all know that this is never gonna happen. Poor Jäger!

verified LV.22 Outlaw 7 hours ago

My Best Attempt On Glaz In Colour. Sniper Heads Down

LV.2 Lurker 7 hours ago

My First Rainbow Operator Drawing

Thatcher Bois

LV.2 Lurker 7 hours ago

'The Bog'

It was a crossover between Rainbow 6 and the Call of duty mordern warfare , and this was about hunting down Al-Asad in the Middle East . And I finish this today (20th of March) was my birthday (I'm not going to tell you about my age , figure it yourself). What a coincidence… anyway enjoy it!
And if you finished the video or the picture

LV.19 Best Squadmate 7 hours ago

Doc UwU

i dont think that using my laptop to draw is a good idea at all, considering i only have my mouse xD

but anyway here ya go another operator drawn by me

hope you like it :D

LV.3 Genius 8 hours ago

Anime hibana and echo (not mine)

Credit to artist

LV.18 Bandit 9 hours ago

I think hibana should look like this🤗

I know it would be impossible. She cute af😶

Credit to WLOP

LV.5 Rare Candy 11 hours ago

Star wars:the sequal

LV.2 Lurker 11 hours ago

Cringe from 3yrs ago

LV.18 OPFOR 11 hours ago


With a click and a clack, everything is in place, the perfect setup puts a smile on my face, as I see through the doors and the room and the halls, soon your whole team will be nothing at all. Who am I? should be easy.

LV.18 OPFOR 11 hours ago


LV.18 OPFOR 11 hours ago

Operator collab

I tried

Idk how long this took me but a while. 😂 this is a art for all my friends in the community. Some of the operators I didn’t rlly do good on it bc it’s the first time I draw them but some of them are good(for me)
Drunk montagne-@AllOuttaWhiskey
Rook-@Rook is Thiccer
*Tryna get in featured XD*

LV.19 OPFOR 12 hours ago

The best operator

LV.3 Lurker 12 hours ago

Hi Hello

Hi, so this is a post to ask you guys which gun from the game should I draw! I'm between the MP5 or the SPEAR .308 :o But, other suggestions are accepted :3

LV.9 Chicken Dinner 12 hours ago

Cavi-eras M12

LV.2 Lurker 13 hours ago

Hibana in the morning ❤

Credit to shinosaaaaaaang

verified LV.22 OPFOR 14 hours ago

It's not my design

I'm not here to fuck spiders

LV.2 Lurker 16 hours ago

A Small Bandit Sketch Because Why Not

too lazy to draw hands lmao
Some proof for y’all

LV.4 Lurker 16 hours ago

Ay it ain’t much but it’s what I’ve got ok👌🏽

LV.6 Breacher 17 hours ago

Not mine but this is cool

LV.13 Chief 19 hours ago

I’m done with another, I need suggestions, I’m running out of them.

LV.6 Nomad 19 hours ago

Got Em

LV.3 Lurker 20 hours ago

Drawing any R6 defender chibi you want!, the three most voted defenders, I'll draw chibi!

This will be up for seven days

LV.6 Nomad 21 hours ago

Vigil UwU

I dont have my laptop on me so paper will do, but anyway this is the "uwu" version of vigil.

tell me who should i do next :)

LV.3 Genius a day ago