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The thing with the Community...

There are a lot of problems in game communities! The hate between players, the toxicity, the harassment of players who are different, bullying or the hacking, etc. etc. etc.   But I want to tell you, only the community can change these problems! Why can´t the big games companies can't really change these problems? ---> cause the developments and representatives don't know how to solve these problems, without getting some players mad or ruin the game (in different ways)! SOMETIMES they find good ways!   What can the community's do? --> We can write posts about problems (like I try to infect you to make the community better) OR tell them options to make this better, give them some examples! (like when players should get banned, how or why) --> improve the ways! OR start some discussions with other players. We also can warn some of them, to stop or they get reported! We should start to help others when they get angry!   Why need there to much hate in games? We all love to play games, and why is there a need to hate others or to hack the game? We are all "friends" more or less. But there will always be some hate (I'm also sometimes salty, cause there are hackers, or if there is something to get sad/mad about, maybe all of you know this moment)   --- My ideas to improve the game --- 1.) We need a new and specified report window! With buttons and ways to report the player! (like one for hacking (for x-ray, aimbot, and other ), harassment, spam, toxicity, etc. etc.)     2.) Make a certain number of warnings! --> 2 or more..., and a list of lines etc. (like on Steam)   3.) Making an overwatch where a good player can watch the reported one! (like in CsGo)   --- Games have a lot of positive sides! (we all know this! :) ) so let find ways together to make the game and the COMMUNITY better.   Love your next!!! Here are some kisses for you.

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If we do this the game will get better

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  Write a comment if you like this post or if you have more ideas!!! Let's HAVE SOME DISCUSSIONS! The comment section is open for your opinions!   I just want to point out again that this is my opinion!!!                    

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