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Feb 12, 2019, 03:30 AM 2,650 read

Buck & Sledge's Fight on Yacht by gatorboy45

This is a Siege poem that explains how Buck & Sledge got stuck in a 2v5 situation on Yacht and how it went. Hope you guys enjoy it! Sledge and Buck arrive on Yacht They stop to have a quick thought "We have two, they have five How are we going to stay alive?" Buck turns to Sledge and says to him, "We've got better firepower than them" So they enter through the front door They see Caveira, shoot her, and now there's four They continue on towards the objective They stay cool, calm, and collective Hoping to clutch this victory They spot Jäger roaming, they shoot him, and now its down to three They get closer to the objective room Hoping to sweep it clean as if they were using a broom Both split up in hopes they catch them off-guard They hope this will be easier instead of it being hard Sledge spots a soft wall, hammers it down and climbs his way through Spots Rook in the corner and now it becomes a 2v2 Buck decided to flank around Seeing how he could make it to the objective without making a sound He comes across Mira who's on her phone Takes her out and that leaves Frost all alone They both enter objective room As soon as they do, Sledge meets his doom He's stepped on a Frost trap and his race has been run It's now up to Buck to get the job done A 1v1 ensues and it's down to Frost and Buck Frost shoots her gun but Buck has time to duck Buck is now shooting, hoping his shots will not fail Frost is firing her gun and she's fighting tooth and nail Both have been shooting for quite some time Frost has chills going down her spine But Buck manages to hit the final blow And Frost falls to the ground below Buck leaves the Yacht with so much glee That he brought home the victory #SiegePoem #Poetry

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